15 Questions to Get to Know Me Better

Something a little bit different today. I thought I’d do 15 questions to get to know me. I haven’t ever done any post like this before and if figured if you’re reading my posts then you might want to know more about the person behind the blog! πŸ™‚

I got the questions from Kristinkravesbooks.com but also changed a few as well!

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1. Three places I want to travel to

  • Costa Rica
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Lake Louise, Canada

2. Dream place to live

For sure America, either in a big city like New York or Florida where it’s hot. I’ve always liked the idea of living in a really high rise apartment building and waking up each morning to the city view. But then I would love to live near the water.

3. A TV show I’m obsessed with

Orange is the new black and Benidorm. They are polar opposites but I love them both so much.

4. Last 3 songs I listened to

I have such a wide variety of song choices, I really love country music but I cant resist a bit of Justin Bieber too haha

  1. Stevie Wonder isn’t she lovely
  2. Luke Combs Better together
  3. ETA Justin Bieber

5. Three people I’d love to have dinner with (Dead or alive)

  1. My best friends in America, Eden and Amanda because I miss them.
  2. Job (from the bible) because his book in the bible is my favourite. He went through so much and still stayed so faithful to God.
  3. My Grandad, I miss him so much. I’d love to catch him up on all of things that have happened since he’s been gone.

6. Favourite movie of all time

Well I’ll cheat here because I cant choose one.

7. Favourite Animal

I can’t possibly choose one. So I’m saying them all. (but especially my dog)

8. Ultimate comfort food

Anything to do with potatoes.

9. Favourite Season


10. Favourite Holiday

I really love Easter, I think because I know around that time were in Spring and summer is round the corner. And of course it’s celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

11. 5 things I love about myself

  1. My heart. Sounds weird, but I take after my momma for my heart. I have such good intentions, even when people do me wrong.
  2. My hair – I have the best hair dresser to thank for this.
  3. My Confidence – I haven’t always been confident, but I am so confident in myself now. I can do anything if I put my mind to it.
  4. My Ability to forgive. It’s not easy to do, but I don’t like to hold grudges with anybody.
  5. My eyelashes, I always get told they’re so long.

12. Something I’m proud of

Overcoming anxiety. Its still a work in progress, but at one point in life I wouldn’t even leave my house to stay over at family members homes. Now I travel across the world with my friends. Thats a big accomplishment in my eyess

13. Describe your ideal day

Me with my friends (or the love of my life) on a beach, sand in my toes, in the sun. With no plans of moving the whole day.

Bimini, Bahamas 2019

14. Favourite childhood memory

I have many of these, but one that sticks out is when I went to Jamaica with my family to visit my grandad. He taught me to swim in the ocean. And looking back I wished I could have cherished that time more.

15. Biggest pet peeve

I really don’t like it when people aren’t truthful. When they are nice to you but then say things about you to others. That’s not a good character trait.

Thanks so much for reading and learning a little bit more about me! Hopefully there are more of these to come in the future. πŸ™‚

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