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Thanks so much to my friend Shelly from growingwithspawn for this tag. So grateful for her and that blogging brought us together from different parts of the world. Its been a while since I have done anything about me or who is behind this blog, so I have really jumped at the chance of doing this tag.

I like to keep alot of who I am and my personal life private, mainly for security reasons. But today I’ll share some stuff that maybe you didn’t know about me already!


Well I think it’s pretty obvious my name so I will miss that part out! Im 25 years old and currently live in the UK, England to be specific. I an animal rights activist and of course an animal lover. I stand for equality and justice for all, no matter who you are. I am a Christian and have been for 8 years now.I have friends and family all around the world which I have written about before and before Covid would travel a lot.


A perfect day would be anything to do with a beach or being outdoors. I’m a Summer lover and love anything to do with water too. Being in America is my happy place as thats where a-lot of people who I love and care about are. So maybe a day in America with loved ones.
A perfect day would also consist of being snuggled up in bed with a movie and snacks. Im a simple girl, nothing fancy!


In terms of work, I wont disclose my job on here but I have a great job. And I remind myself how lucky I am to have landed within such a great company. In terms of blogging, I am a full time blogger and post anywhere between 6-7 days a week ( I know its alot!). I blog on various different topics, but my main goal is to remind people of their potential and to fill everybody who reads my post with confidence to know they can be whoever they want to be.


I sort of mentioned this in the previous section, I originally intended to re-start my blog back in July of this year for something to do, and to help myself. I needed something to keep me going and distracted from alot of other stuff, but in turn this blog actually has turned into us helping each other. I really love when people comment saying that what I wrote was exactly what they needed to hear, I know Gods hand is upon this blog. And I hope that I can do whatever I can to use my platform to bless other people.


– Tia From Tall Blonde Tales
– Anjali From Chasingthemaximumlife
– Vani From Heart Talk With Vani
– Sean From Strategic Teams

And everybody else who feels like they want to take part, please do! You are all invited. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Use the “The face behind the Blog” tag to post a little bit about yourself. Say as much or as little as you like. Feel free to use the questions above or any others. Include your own pictures too.
  2. Tag 2 or more blogs you love and leave an open invitation too. Get to know the faces behind your favourite blogs. After you have published your post, let your blog friends know you’ve tagged them.
  3. Don’t forget to tag this post on Jan On The Blog.

Thanks again Shelly for tagging me! I look forward to reading all of your responses!

Olivia x
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49 thoughts on “The Face Behind The Blog

  1. So good to know you Olivia. You are young and beautiful and have a great job and an animal lover and activist. Wow 🤩

    Stay blessed and grateful. Love and blessings

  2. Thanks for answering the tag. Your awesome personality definitely came through!!! Would you consider moving to the states? Also, please tell me your friends don’t currently reside in the White House 🤨

    1. My plans before COVID hit were to actually do that, but had a change of heart due to circumstances. I wouldnt rule it out!

      Thankfully they dont 😂😂

  3. You really are a powerhouse of blog posts! I see you post sometimes more than twice a day, it really was nice to know more about you, the face behind the blog

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