Why The Unfollow Button Should be Your Best Friend

Why The Unfollow Button Should be Your Best Friend

We have all used the beloved unfollow button at some point in our lives, and don’t lie to me and tell me you haven’t. There is a reason why the unfriend button is there on every single social media platform.

Personally I utilise the unfollow button on almost every social media platform I own. I am always clearing out my online friend lists. Just like in offline life, we don’t hang around or be-friend people who are bad people, so I am a firm believer in not inviting them into my online space either. If I wouldn’t be friends with them in life then I won’t be friends with them online. We really need to normalise removing people from our social media platforms. So many people get upset and offended if they find out that you unfollow them. But alot of the time it’s just because of the content they post. If I don’t like it, I’ll unfollow you. It doesn’t mean anything other than that.

Today I’ll be sharing some reasons as to why the unfollow button should be used more and how it can help filter out that bad stuff!

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6 Things You Might Not Know About Me

6 Things You Might Not Know About Me

It’s not often that I talk about me on my blog, not in detail anyway. As many of you know, I prefer to keep my private life private when it comes to blogging. But I really enjoy reading posts about the person behind the blog, which is why I did the face behind the blog tag recently. That post mainly focused on blogger topics, so thought I would share some facts with you today which you wont have known about me. I really enjoy getting to know you all, so what better way to do that than to first share some things about myself!

It will be interesting to find out which of the facts you are surprised about and which you would have guessed.

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The Perfect Subscription Boxes For Christmas

The Perfect Subscription Boxes For Christmas

With December around the corner what better time than to share some of my favourite subscription boxes, perfect for Christmas gifts. Subscription boxes are a great and inexpensive gift to give at Christmas or any time of the year really. Alot of subscription box companies create bespoke boxes around Christmas, which I love. And today I’ll be sharing some of my favourites. If you aren’t familiar with what a subscription box is, its a curated box that usually has around 5-10+ items in them. They can be one off boxes or you can subscribe and recieve new boxes every month.

I thought this would be a great time to put out some Christmas content before Blogmas in order to give you a little teaser at what’s to come in the month of December. I’m so excited to be sharing these companies with you today, and hope you consider putting them on your Christmas list or gifting them to someone else.


A simply beautiful life is a new bespoke subscription box service. Their Christmas boxes are available from the 20th November – 22nd November and if you decide to order one, they will be shipped December 1st. They kindly gifted me a box so I could try their products! Everything arrived packaged beautifully and I was so impressed with the quality of the products in the box. The box comes with so many different items which is why I think it will make a perfect Christmas gift!

Each Christmas box includes:
– 1 Customised Starbucks cup (first 20 people get free personalisation)
– DIY Ornament (Multiple ornaments can be ordered where required)
Sageandclaydesigns pair of earrings (each month they feature a small business)
– Several other surprises!

– $35 for one time purchases (Only $31.50 with my discount code *see below*)
– $30 each month if you sign up for subscription (discount already included in $30 price)
All prices include shipping (US only)


Here is their Instagram so you can keep up to date when they launch!

A Simply Beautiful Life have kindly offered my readers an exclusive discount on their Christmas one time subscription box. Use code ‘December10‘ to get 10% off.


The Degusta Subscription box is a snack box that arrives at your door every month. They fill the boxes with up to 15 products each month, and they’re all new products that are new on the market here in the UK. Not only do they include food items but new drinks too! The great thing about Degusta is that they have a gifting option, which is perfect for Christmas. It allows you to pay in advance for boxes for other people! How cool is that?

The Degusta box is £12.99 a month, which is such a steal considering shipping is included in that price too.

Degusta has kindly given me a discount code for you to use to get £3 off your first order. Use code ‘QZSK0‘ at checkout to save some ££!


If you’re a beauty fanatic like me then you will love this box. The great thing about their boxes is that you can look at previous months they have done, that way you get a feel for what the products included are like. What I really like about their boxes is that they include full sized items. So many companies try to get away with only sending mini versions of products, which sometimes make the boxes not value for money.

Glossy box have various different payment plan options:

– 12 Month subscription plan – £11.75 a month
– 1 Month rolling subscription – £13.25
– 3 Months pay upfront – £38.25
– 6 Months pay upfront – £69.00
– 12 Months pay upfront – £132.00

They also have various gifting options too.

Have you ever had a subscription box? If so what kind are your favourite?

Subscription boxes are really good value for money and such a great idea for those people in your life who are hard to buy for. I hope you liked this little blogmas teaser! Can’t wait to share the rest of my Christmas content in December.

Olivia x
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10 Things That Brought Me Joy This Week

10 Things That Brought Me Joy This Week

Were are back for open discussion Saturdays, and this week I want to know what brought you joy this week. I don’t know how your week went, only you know that, but often when I have a bad week or something didn’t go to plan, I like to do alot of reflection. I like looking back to see what went well instead of what didn’t.

Its important to do this on a regular basis as it can help you to re-focus and re-centre yourself. Even if its something small and something you’d consider ‘stupid’ then please still share it. If it made you happy, then it makes me happy too! Sometimes it’s good to have these moments to reflect and to really get some positive energy going in your life. For a moment say goodbye to the stress and negativity that might be surrounding you and just be in the moment. Think about some things that brought you joy this week, this morning or today even!

As always, I’ll start off by sharing mine and then you can share yours in the comments. I want this post to be a hub of happiness and positivity!

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My Top 5 Benefits of Journaling

My Top 5 Benefits of Journaling


I’ve been journaling for two years now, but writing I’ve been doing it all my life. Journaling has helped me tremendously since the time I decided to be consistent with it. As a blogger, I feel that journaling is an important and beneficial habit. Let’s look at five benefits of journaling. But first, a little introduction to me!

Hello, my name is Heidy, and I’m guest blogging for Olivia today. My blog is called Into My Thoughts. I share personal experiences, encouraging faith-based posts and poetry. Feel free to read some of my posts after you have read this one.

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Why You Should Keep Your Private Life Private

Why You Should Keep Your Private Life Private

To me a private life is a happy life. There are only a select few people I truly let in and know me fully. I have learnt the hard way on this subject because I was the person who was too trusting. I would let anyone in and share everything with them and I’d suffer the consequences afterwards when they’d share information about me to other people. It’s sad when it happens, because when you’re young you are very naive into thinking you could trust everyone, but thats not the case and you figure that out as you get older.

Having a balance between sharing things online and keeping things private is where I have got to, and I’m happy here. Being a blogger I have come to realise that its important even more to have this balance. I have spoken previously about why I decided to separate my private instagram from my blog instagram, and thats because I want to safeguard and protect myself and the people I know.

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Interviewing My Parents About Being Parents

Interviewing My Parents About Being Parents

My parents are two of the most amazing humans that I know. They are supportive, kind, caring and help me in more way than one. I don’t have many posts on my blog covering parenthood because I’m not a parent yet so I had this idea to interview my parents about being parents. I thought it would be interesting hearing their perspectives on parenting now that all of their children are grown up and are adults.

I always get people commenting on my parents skills and how amazing they are, so why not share their wise words and thoughts with the world. Be prepared that there for sure be some comedic responses to the 10 questions I have for them, because they like to think they’re funny!

This will be a two part series, with the first responses being from my dad. We won’t be sharing any personal information about my parents like their names or anything like that, but I hope you enjoy this post and find it helpful hearing a different parental perspective.

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3 Ways to Adjust Your Self-care Routine For Autumn

3 Ways to Adjust Your Self-care Routine For Autumn

Its so important to me to make sure that self-care is practiced all year long, but I agree that it should be adapted as the seasons change. The self-care routine we do in summer should be different to the one we do in Winter. For me personally, I find the colder months the hardest on me mentally and physically as I suffer with asthma and Seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Incorporating self care into everyday life is something I wish I had done sooner in life. It really makes such a big difference to my mental health and my overall wellbeing. I thought I’d share some tips you could add to your Autumn self care and some tips I even use myself over the colder months. I hope they help and you can add new steps to your routine from this post!

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Social Media Breaks & Why We Need Them

Social Media Breaks & Why We Need Them

Social media breaks are something that should be utilised more than they currently are. Do you ever get the feeling like you just want to delete all of your socials and run away from your phone? Me too! We should do everything in moderation, but phone consumption is at an all time high. You rarely meet someone who doesn’t have a phone. Technology and social media can be a blessing and a curse. I have spoken before on my blog at how social media – specifically Instagram can play such a huge part in helping to grow your online presence but at what cost? Remember there is a fine line, everything in moderation.

We probably miss out on so much of our lives because our heads are buried in our phones. Thats such a sad thought. I’m so glad that I wasn’t brought up around all of this technology and that I was able to have such a great childhood without having to be entertained with an electronic device. Social media breaks are something that should be done on a more regular basis, just to keep us sane. We spend so much time on our phones that we often forget to live life not through a screen. In todays post I hope to share some thoughts on social media breaks and why I think we need them.

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6 Ways to Be More Productive in The Morning

6 Ways to Be More Productive in The Morning


Being a morning person is such a gift. It’s amazing to be able to wake up early and get right to your to-do list. Unfortunately, mornings don’t work that way for everyone. Many of us find ourselves struggling just to get out of bed in the morning and getting a good morning routine in place. Getting our work done is one of the last things on our minds. Our brains are too foggy to do anything but stare aimlessly at our computer screens and wish we had more coffee. In todays post I will be sharing tips on how you learn to be productive in the morning, even if you aren’t a morning person.

Hello! I’m Sunrise and I’m guest blogging for Olivia today! My blog is called ​Making It – Surviving as a Student​. I share blogs about skincare, being a student and give blogging tips too. Don’t forget to check it out once you have finished reading this post, even if you’re not a student! Lets get into the post!

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