4 Ways To Deal With Unkind People Gracefully

You’re probably reading this title, like Olivia why would I want to show grace to people who are unkind? Well, research shows that there are several reasons why someone is a mean or unkind person. A lot of it has to do with how people have treated them in the past, a lack of self […]

How I Balance Blogging Around a Full Schedule

It can be so hard balancing the things that come with life, some things we choose to do and some things we have to do. When I restarted my blog this year I didn’t realise that it would be like a full time job and I already have a full time job. I know some […]

30 Blogmas Post Ideas For Bloggers

Even though my blog has been around for 5 years, this will be the first Christmas where I will be an active blogger! How exciting. And with that, I had heard the word ‘blogmas’ being thrown around occasionally and did some research into it. If you’re familiar with YouTube and vlogmas, its the same concept. […]

4 Tips For Dating Someone With Anxiety

Dealing with any type of mental illness is hard, but add a relationship into it and it makes it even harder for some people. It can be hard especially when you yourself have never suffered with any sort of mental illness. I know the feeling of wanting to help people but not being sure what […]

10 Tips on Maintaining Good Mental Health During The Pandemic

I’m so excited for todays guest post from Arcane Lost. We decided to speak on this important topic surrounding Mental Health and the Pandemic as its something a-lot of people are suffering with at the moment. Its so important that you remember if you are struggling then please talk with someone about it. its okay […]

Learning About Toxic Relationships

[Guest Post] Hi everyone. I’m Lima, a Relationship and Lifestyle Blogger and I happen to love tasting the waters, so I have made a lot of mistakes as a Christian. I am not exactly proud of everything I have been through that’s why I teach people how to avoid them. You can read all about […]

How Self-Care Can Help With Weight Loss

[GUEST POST] Hi, I’m Jan – the face behind Jan On The Blog. I’m a millennial working mom and aspiring blogger from the land down under in Melbourne, Australia. Reading and writing make up my happy place. Jan On The Blog is a lifestyle blog. It’s a mixed bag with a little bit of everything – […]

My Journey to Self Acceptance

[Guest Post] I’m mimie mailumo, I am a law student and an entrepreneur. I write about food, skincare and lifestyle on my blog posts. Please check out my blog here. MY INSECURITIES Looking smaller than my age has always been an insecurity of mine. Most of my friends are either taller than me or have […]

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