My Top Tips For Self-Care on Bad Days

[AD-GIFTED] Do you ever just have really awful days and you don’t know how to turn them around? On days like those, I force myself to practice some form of self-care. I say force, because alot of the time I don’t really feel like doing it. Doing these practices might not get rid of my […]

The 4 Types of Negative People to Stay Away From

At some point in all of our lives we will have encountered negative people, but I hope in your life you have encountered more positive than negative. Negativity is just something that comes with life, not everyone is on the same wave length or life path as you. Whether these people are in your work […]

The Real Cost of Running a Blog

Running a blog comes at a cost, whether thats financial, physical or mental. There is a cost. It’s alot of work, and I don’t think alot of people realise how hard it can be. When you run a blog alot of things go through your mind. I’m sure many other bloggers can relate to this. […]

10 Things That Brought Me Joy This Week

Were are back for open discussion Saturdays, and this week I want to know what brought you joy this week. I don’t know how your week went, only you know that, but often when I have a bad week or something didn’t go to plan, I like to do alot of reflection. I like looking […]

4 Effective Ways to Develop a Better State of Mind

[GUEST POST] As 2020 closes, I want to share a gift to all of you. This gift is to be remembered at all times especially when dealing with dilemmas beyond your control. Your state of mind is everything. Develop it. Protect it. Value it. It’s a small gift from me to you; a reminder as you reach […]

14 Things to Do In The Morning To Have a Positive Day

[GUEST POST] What does the morning look like for you? We miss so many opportunities in the mornings to make our days that little bit better. It’s so easy to snooze, scroll, eat left over pizza for breakfast and fill up on caffeine, but is this truly benefitting how our days play out? I’m passionate […]

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