5 Ways To Be Productive On Rainy Days

Do you like rainy days? I like them in moderation, especially if I don’t need to go anywhere that day! Sometimes it can feel so hard to be productive on rainy days. I just want to curl up in a blanket with a movie and not move all day. I always find it hard getting up in the morning too and making sure the day is productive. So today I thought I’d share some ways we can all become more productive, especially on those dark, rainy gloomy days.


I feel like rainy days are perfect for doing those jobs you’ve been putting off. Clean your space, make it new and fresh. Cleaning can really help improve your mood as you’ll feel better having to stay in whilst its raining if your space is clean and tidy. Mess and junk being around me I have found really has an effect on my mental health. I feel like a cluttered space, clutters up my mind. So I try to make sure that the space im in is clean and tidy as much as possible.


Bulk cooking meals is such a great and effective way to save time for yourself further down the line. My brother is a bulk cooker and he cooks most of his meals for the week. Which means he is able to just grab it out of the fridge or freezer to eat as and when he wants to. Doing this is a big task so will probably take some time and effort but it’s a great way to be productive.


As simple as that, go outside and go on a walk even if its in the rain! A lot of the times in our minds were not being productive if we are sat in the house not doing anything. I am such an advocate for taking time off and doing nothing sometimes, but its important to engage your brain and get outside too.It doesn’t even need to be a long walk, it could be 5-10 minutes. Sometimes thats what you brain needs to restart.

I like walking in the rain too sometimes, it can be so refreshing. Almost like the rain can wash away any problems or issues I’m facing. Do you like the rain?


Recently I tried a new subscription box called Gusto, if you’ve ever tried hello fresh its similar to that. Its a subscription box that sends ingredients to make yummy meals. Me and my family tried it for a week this month and it was so great to get out of our usual comfort zones and try a new recipe. We found so many we love and have made some of them again they were that good.

It can be exciting to try new things, which is why trying a new recipe can be so exciting and something great to do when you cant get outside.


Probably the one thing everyone avoids doing, but what better time to complete some life admin when its cold and rainy outside? Get the stuff done that you’ve been putting off. You’ll feel so fulfilled and accomplished when you do it. Answer those emails, write some blog posts (if you’re a blogger), sort through your paperwork. I don’t know what it is but do it! Get it out of the way.

What do you like to do on rainy days? How do you stay productive? Or do you use rainy days as chill out days? Let us know in the comments.

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40 thoughts on “5 Ways To Be Productive On Rainy Days

  1. On rainy days I like to sit and read by the window with occasionally looking up to watch the rain. To stay productive, I do go outside and just watch it rain, or I do laundry.

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  2. I love how different these ideas are! Rainy days are my favourite honestly. I have these beautiful big windows and love being cosied up inside while I peek out at the world. I’ll make myself a chai latte or hot coffee, have a muffin, do some blogging or organising of my space, read a book or take a nice bath. As you’ve mentioned, rainy days are perfect for experimenting with different recipes! You have lots of time inside and can just play around with things a little x

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  3. In India especially in the north east part, we always experience rain. Like here rain is a part of our lives. I love to sit and watch the rain drops falling down. I love to have a hot cup of tea as well. Loved your post 🌸🌸

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