Learning How To Love Yourself Before Getting Into a Relationship

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Hello there! My name is Julie and I am from Juliewrites.in. I and Olivia decided to collaborate and write about different yet important aspects of a relationship. Make sure that you read both of our blog posts. My blog currently features posts on love & relationships, healthy habits and mental health.

Sweetening our selves for some other person’s taste can often be tempting, especially when we are romantically interested in them. And sometimes, we fall in love so hard, that we start overlooking our emotional and physical needs. To love someone unconditionally, we need to love ourselves unconditionally too. Here are some significant ways to love yourself equally in a relationship. 


This may sound like an obvious point but there are many people out there who are in the dire need to follow this. It is important that each of us, whether a teen or an old person, start training ourselves to set boundaries. We can do this by communicating what we feel and avoiding bottling up our emotions. It may seem daunting at first, but it is important to let people know when you feel hurt or offended. 

There are 7 billion people on this Earth, how can someone know what ticks you off and what doesn’t? 


Some of us often have a great bubble, only until we step out and call ourselves Ugly before a mirror. We need to realize that every time we self-sabotage ourselves by, we are harming our mind. It may seem like a trivial thing but self-sabotaging habits make us repulsive in the long-run. We become so used to stepping into an I-know-this-is-not-good-for-me situation (I’m specifically talking about emotionally and physically abusive relationships here) that we start considering it as normal. 

Always remember that by being silent you are paving a way for the evil. 


‘Knowing when to leave a party and a relationship is important’. Leaving the person you love can be one of the most difficult yet important decision. 

What we need to understand is that leaving a person does not mean, un-loving them. Though the intensity or the strength of the love may change, Moving on does not mean that you stop loving that person. 

Did I miss anything on this list? What would you add? What are your thoughts on this topic?

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to check out the post that Olivia did on my Blog. Her post is titled How to Be Open and Honest In Your Relationships.


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25 thoughts on “Learning How To Love Yourself Before Getting Into a Relationship

  1. What we need to understand is that leaving a person does not mean, un-loving them.

    This I do understand. But boy, how I’d love for that to be different. Things would be so much easier if they’d just install an off-switch….

  2. Wow what a beautiful post!! These are some really important points but I think knowing when to leave is so crucial and I love the part about leaving doesn’t mean you un-love them. It can be so hard to leave someone but it ultimately ends up being the right thing so great advice xx

    1. Thank you so much Tia! 🤗
      It can be one of the hardest things to do, but sometimes its just necessary to do it. Holding on can hurt you more sometimes! xx

  3. I love this post✨✨I am a big advocate for loving yourself before getting into a relationship. Two half’s can’t make you “full” —you need to be “full” as a person to make a huge emotional investment. X

  4. Lovely post.

    My take:
    Remain in contact with the present moment….Accepting the highs & the lows….love comes with pain…light & darkness are interconnected

    A bit philosophical…..I know ❤️✨

  5. So accurate!

    I’ve been married for so long but when I was single and going from one relationship to another, I wish someone had constantly reminded me of these things…

  6. Before you get into a relationship I think you should accept yourself. Know your flaws(work on them too), know your strengths, define your personality, and be at a point where you’re not insecure about yourself. However I think this process takes place for some people when they enter their first one or two relationships. And it’s okay, as long as you learn from it💚
    Just my opinion though.

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