10 Things I’ve Learnt In My Twenties

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Hello everyone it’s me, Shayla from thedailyshayla.com. If you don’t know anything about me, I’m a 22 year old mother from the UK with a lot to say (hey that rhymes!).
I am so happy to be collaborating with Olivia on my first guest post! We have come together and created an awesome list of 10 things we have learnt in our twenties!
Over here on Olivia’s blog, down below, you can read my list of the top 5 lessons I have learnt. Then once you’ve finished reading that, you can pop over to my blog and read Olivia’s list too, how cool is that!?

Although I am only 22, the change from teenage years was definitely noticeable. Being pregnant at 20 and having a baby at 21 made it even more significant and I feel like I have grown so much in such a small amount of time. Here are the 5 things I have learnt in my twenties…all 2 loooooong years of them!


It’s funny to think that as a teen, I thought I had no friends because oh boy, was I in for a surprise once I hit my twenties. 
As I transitioned from school to sixth form, then sixth form to uni, then uni to motherhood- I think I was left with about 3 people I could consider true friends by the age of 21.

Friends really do come and go and as you grow up, you will meet tons of new people. In reality, it’s the ones that stick by you through the tough times until the very end that are the most important.


My whole entire life I had been so determined to reach my goals as soon as possible. I somehow thought that the sooner I reached them, then the more credible I would be. Oh how wrong was I!? 
It was in no way realistic to want to become a grammy nominated actress/touring violinist/music producer and even more by the following year. But for some reason I was so desperate to see results, I would rush everything to try and achieve them!

I think it really clicked with me in my final year of uni. I wanted to do 101 things before the year even ended and that’s when my violin teacher told me to slow down- I was moving waaaay too fast.
I had just given birth to a baby and I don’t think I even took time to process that in itself!!

Long story short, I am now aiming to accomplish my goals in the next 5 years and not 5 minutes! Take your time, you’ll thank yourself in the end.


I absolutely hated P.E in school. Nothing about it excited me, nothing about it me made me wanna say “you know what, this is fun!” It was only until very recently that fitness has now taken over my life!

The older you get, the more you realise that youthfulness ain’t gonna save you forever!
Sure, it took me a while but I have adapted to this lifestyle and I can tell you now, fitness can definitely be fun! It’s all about mindset.


It’s the ‘holding the door open’, the ‘asking how my day was’, the ‘leaving me food because you thought I’d be hungry’ for meeeee.
The older I’ve gotten, the more I have realised that ‘the more thoughtful, the better’. Spending large amounts of money on others is nice but taking the time out of your day to present them with something thoughtful is on a whole nother level.


Or… all the time in my case LOL. Being in my twenties, I have learnt that it is normal to break down and it is definitely normal to be in your feelings every once in a while. We all cry and that’s okay!

So you made it to the end, excellent!

Now don’t forget to go over to my blog and check out Olivia’s list of 5 things she has learnt in her twenties. Hurry, GO!





32 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve Learnt In My Twenties

  1. Omg —I can relate to all of this. Especially friends come and go —how in school I thought I will be in touch with all my then friends! We all grow with time. It does wonders to the way we think and carry ourselves.

    Great job you guys xx

    1. Me too, in school you think you’re going to be friends forever, but circumstances and people change and thats okay!

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with us xx

  2. As I am 20 right now , I can relate to it well and I truly agree with everything you said. Specially Friends come and go and the crying one♥️🤗💯. Great post as always. Keep writing and take care🤗💗

  3. 100% relate to this, especially the one about friends coming and going. You met hundreds of people in your twenties but only a few of them are the ones for the long haul and are the true ones! Those friendships you should really value 🙂

  4. This is what I like. I LOVEEEEE Every SINGLE tip! EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Friends really do come and go, it’s really okay to cry sometimes and like I always say the small things matter the most, that warm our hearts to the core.

  5. Loved this post! I agree, friends do come and go. And true friends probably stay but I’ve learned you can’t really hold them back. My twenties taught me to be proud of my friends no matter what they achieve in life, even if they get to their dreams before you, be happy for them. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂 <3

  6. agghh this is so relatable.. I’m slowly learning about all of these things in my 20s but I guess we’ll see how things go. Nice post!

  7. Such a great list! The hardest thing for me to accept was that friends come and go… I always assumed I didn’t have any because I moved so much, but I’m hindsight I’m glad that I experienced all that traveling because the few people who mattered are still in my life.

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