How to Lovingly Let Go of Friendships

I wrote a post a few weeks ago called ‘How to Lovingly Let Go of Relationships” and it mainly focused on relationships in the sense of romantic relationships. And I thought it would be good to talk on the subject again, but this time about friendships in particular. I think at times when friendships end it can be harder than relationships, depending on the reasoning behind the friendship ending.

Letting go of any type of relationship isn’t easy, especially when you can feel that things have shifted or changed between you. I hope to make it easier for you by going through some advice from when I have been through it myself. Its not easy letting go of anything, but we should do things in love always.


Express how you feel, get it off your chest. It can help so much with closure and in the long run will make you feel better. If you let them know how you feel then you will have peace knowing that you did all you could to salvage the friendship. There will be 2 ways the person will respond, they will acknowledge your feelings and what you are saying or ignore it. And depending on which way they respond can help you with your decision of walking away.


I will always say this in any type of situation. Is this good for you and your mental health? Is it worth it to keep trying if its causing you more problems. If your answer is yes then my answer is no, its not worth it. When I say “lovingly let go” I don’t just mean considering the other persons feelings, remember yours too. Be loving to yourself. You don’t deserve to be treated the way you are being treated. Do what you want to do for you.


Honesty really is the best policy. It’s so important in any friendship to be open and honest about how you feel. Heck, its important to be open and honest always! I always appreciate it when friends are honest with me, I’d rather know the truth than them having to keep something to themselves.

I guess this point can link in with the ‘Tell them how you feel” section. Its so important to express how you’re feeling and if there’s something bothering you, then say it. It can have such an impact on us and our mental health if we don’t get things off our chests.


Whenever I am going through it with a friend, I tend to turn to other friends for a different perspective. It doesn’t even need to be a friend, it could be a family member. Theres a lot to consider when you are deciding to walk away from something so always seek advice from others. I think before letting go of anything, really think about it and consider it. It shouldn’t be a decision that you make quickly and off of temporary emotions.

I hope you found this helpful, it can be so hard letting go of a friend, some say its worse than a breakup (I’ll let you decide on that one). Please always consider your feelings amongst theirs, you are important too.

Olivia x

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37 thoughts on “How to Lovingly Let Go of Friendships

  1. This is difficult for some who cannot communicate how they feel but it’s a must. This is really important and helpful to know. It’s better to say things than to keep things because that’s when it starts to become toxic. Thank you for sharing this!

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  2. Amazing blog and I agree with all these points. In particular, love the point about considering your own feelings. Sometimes people hold on to friendships that is giving them more harm then good, and don’t give enough importance to their own feelings. At the end of the day only you can look after and consider your own feelings, noone else can do that for you

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  3. As they say, friends come and go, but true friends will always try and understand you. Cutting ties with someone who’s not good for your mental health is okay. And, yes friends break-up is I think worst than ending a romantic relationship, and it is much more dramatic 😅 based from my experience.

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  4. It was really thoughtful of you to address this topic. I do not need it as of right now but if I had read it earlier in life, I know it would have helped a lot, especially when it come to letting go of friendships after high-school. Thank you,

    Camille 🌸

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