How to Overcome Criticism, Fear & Disappointment


Hello, my name is Zorana from I am a travel/ lifestyle blogger writing about my travel experiences, beauty industry, mental health and self-esteem & growth . I am excited for this amazing collaboration with Olivia and at the same time I will be publishing her post on topic “How to Overcome The Challenges of Life ” on my blog so please go and check it out after you have read this post . Thank you and let’s get straight to our topic.

At some points of our lives we will experience set-backs and criticism. It is part of the journey, especially on the route to success. With the following tips learn how to back up again and recover quickly from negative experiences & build your mental resilience. 


As previously already mentioned, how many times have you experienced rejection, disappointment or fear ? And how many times have you said ” I am not trying this again” ? The fact is no one likes to fail, right ? Well did you know that most the successful people have been failed and rejected many times before they made it . What makes the difference and put them ‘on top’ is the fact they know how to bounce back from rejections and never take someones critics personal. Why would you ? There is 7 billions people on this planet and that means 7 billion different opinions. Never ever let someone to low your self-esteem because deep inside you know who you are and what is your purpose. Listen them but never take it personal. 


You see, taking as example : when your manager praise you and say “You are the best worker ever/ assistant etc, would you please do me a favour and finish this for me/ work longer/ work this weekend” Now this praise is 

manipulative praise. 80% during the life we will get praises from others connected to some favours. On the other hand when you start praising yourself on a daily basis even for a small things you do- you will feel so much better and proud of yourself. Do a practise in front of the mirror look into your eyes and say to yourself how beautiful, amazing, lovable you are. The change always starts within you. 


Resilient people practise the concept of mindfulness, meditation and self-care in general. Make sure to be connected to the things and people who are important to you and disconnect from everything what gives you ‘bad’ vibes. Start practising appreciation and gratitude. There is nothing bigger that gives you the pure high vibe emotion like gratitude. Every time you feel disappointment or disconnection to your inner source- start counting your blessings and everything you are grateful for. Instant change will happen and you will feel amazing. 


We all have our fears but the best way to overcome is to face them. Whether it’s small or big, remember that fear is only an illusion in our minds. Challenge yourself and once a week do one thing you are fearing from or try something new that you have never tried. This is amazing way to overcome fears, build your confidence and self-esteem. You will only become stronger and self aware. 

Thank you so much for taking the time and reading . I truly hope this tips will benefit your life and help you with the challenges. Please head over to my blog and read Olivia’s post. 

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27 thoughts on “How to Overcome Criticism, Fear & Disappointment

  1. I’m totally agree with you.. One of the most common reasons of we can’t face criticism is living in a comfort bubble which leads to build up self limiting beliefs. Thank you for giving an idea to think about it in a different angle…

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  2. I love the ‘Get out of your Comfort Zone’ and try a new thing every week. Peeps can start with something small like trying a new food. I’ve tried many new things like different genres of music or books. I found out that I still don’t like jazz, but that I quite liked reading novels after years of reading everything to do with mental health, psychology, sociology or philosophy. I’m not quite sure how this has helped me, other than being able to get into a book and just relax — no learning necessary in novels.

    Thank you for these great tips.

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  3. Great post Zorana! I love it all, but the following was my favorite part:

    Every time you feel disappointment or disconnection to your inner source- start counting your blessings and everything you are grateful for.

    This reminded me of a conversation I had with my mom yesterday. She told me she was reading a devotional where the writer suggested waking up in the morning and immediately showing gratitude for all the good things in your life. My mom said she began to practice that and while it did not take away the bad things going on, it made them less noticeable.

    I too will begin this exercise as well.

    Thanks again for the reminder!

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing this. Funnily enough this is exactly what I have started doing too, and I read it in a devotional I read. It really changes your daily perspective. Waking up with a grateful heart and being thankful for another day of life you have been given. Thats a blessing in itself!

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