5 Daily Tips for Boosting Your Self-Confidence

[Guest Post]

Hi everyone! I’m Tia (aka Blondey on a Mission) from tallblondetales.com. Today I’m so excited to be collabing with Olivia and sharing this post with all of you, so thank you, Olivia! The two of us have teamed up to share some very important tips on topics that are close to our hearts: self-care and self-confidence. Today I’ll be sharing 5 tips for boosting your self-confidence that you can implement every day. Being confident in yourself and having that positive attitude and trust about yourself is so important, and while it can be challenging, there are so many things you can do to give yourself a self-confidence boost. On my blog, Olivia is going to talk about self-care and 5 great tips you can add to your routine, so be sure to check it out as soon as you’ve finished reading this post! Now without further ado, let’s get into self-confidence. 


Self-confidence is the feeling of trust in your own abilities and qualities. It’s a positive attitude about yourself where you accept and trust yourself and have a sense of power and control in your life. You might not believe me, but it is so important to grow your self-confidence because having that attitude has so many positive benefits in your life. Self-confidence is linked to so many aspects of having a happy and fulfilling life, as it can help you deal with fear and anxiety and give you greater motivation and resilience. Self-confidence will also help you improve your relationships and have a stronger sense of your authentic self because you have a positive attitude towards yourself and trust in your skills and qualities. So you see, there are so many reasons to grow your self-confidence and now here are a few tips that you can implement to help you boost your self-confidence every day!


What you wear can have a massive impact on how you feel. For instance, I always feel so lazy if I spend the day in my pyjamas, but when I get dressed, it always boosts my energy. What you wear can also have a significant impact on your self-confidence, so put on an outfit that makes you feel like the queen you are! Notice how much more confident you feel wearing something you love, and you feel pretty and powerful in compared to when you’re just sitting in your sweat pants. But, be sure to do it for you – you’re dressing to feel good about yourself, and others opinions shouldn’t impact your decision. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to wear a smile. When we smile, we instantly feel happier, and when we are happy, we tend to feel more confident. So what’s stopping you? Smile your cheesiest smile or biggest grin – it may feel a bit silly, but after a while, you’ll realise how much more confident you feel with a smile on your face. 


People always say that body language can reveal a lot, so if you want to boost your self-confidence, use your body to help you out. Stand tall, roll back your shoulders, lift your chin up a little and straighten your back. You already feel more powerful, don’t you? When you stand tall and walk with good posture, it feels like you’re moving with purpose and confidence, which often leads to feeling more confident. You are terrific – own it by being yourself. 

Another way to stand tall is to stand firm for what you believe in. You are entitled to your beliefs and opinions, and sticking to them will undoubtedly give you a confidence boost. Also, allow yourself to be authentic. Embrace your uniqueness and be 100% yourself because when you’re just you, you will feel more powerful and genuine. Plus, when you are 100% you, “no one can say you’re doing it wrong”, and you have zero competition. Bonus! 


Have you ever noticed how fantastic you feel when you listen to music that makes you feel powerful and confident? When you’re jamming to the right tracks, you are unstoppable, right? Use that! Create a playlist full of your favourite tunes that give you a happy vibe and play it every morning when you get ready, or in the shower, or just when you need a boost. 


Life can get crazy, and it’s often hard to feel confident when you’re always thinking of all the big goals you’ve yet to accomplish or when you focus in on the failures. Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with wanting to improve, but constantly looking at the negatives can knock your self-confidence. Instead, try looking at the small victories. Just because they’re small, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be proud of them, and as soon as you start focusing on those positives, you will start to feel more confident in yourself again.


Alongside celebrating the small victories comes positive visualisation and affirmation. You are amazing and special, but it’s easy to forget this, so a good way to fix this and boost your self-confidence is through visualising yourself achieving your goals. Sit quietly, close your eyes and imagine breathing self-confidence deep into your lungs while letting go of self-doubt as you breathe out. Picture yourself achieving your goals. 

You can also write positive affirmations everywhere to remind yourself how fantastic you are. I put little sticky notes on my mirror. You can also set reminders on your phone, or write notes to yourself and leave them in random places. These positive reminders and visualisation will help you feel more powerful and good about yourself, which leads to that growing feeling of self-confidence so breathe out that self-doubt and remember just how incredible you are!

Thank you all so much for reading! I had so much fun writing this post and working with Olivia so not only do I hope you enjoyed reading this post (and the one Olivia wrote on my site), but I also hope you learnt something. These are such important topics, and it’s vital that we learn to be confident in ourselves and look after ourselves, so please go check out Olivia’s post on my blog about self-care and some great tips that you can add to your daily routine.

Click here to go to Olivia’s post on my blog!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx  

33 thoughts on “5 Daily Tips for Boosting Your Self-Confidence

  1. Hello! I just read your post and, once more, these are very great tips. I noticed a giant difference in my level of self-confidence when I started standing tall and making sure that I never stopped doing so.

    I also wanted to tell you that I mentioned you in my post about my 8 favorite lifestyle bloggers. I think reading this might make you happy, and I would be really happy about it: https://theenglishspeakingfrenchie.com/2020/08/30/8-of-my-favorite-lifestyle-blogs/

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    1. Thank you so much Camille! I had so much fun doing this collab with Tia, she did such a great job.

      Also thank you so much!! I read it and I love it so much. You are so sweet and kind for mentioning me. I really appreciate it💛

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