4 Ways To Practice Self-Compassion

I almost feel like I’m unintentionally doing a mini series with all of my self-love, self-confidence and self-acceptance posts. I think its so important in the current climate that we are kind to ourselves and show ourselves love. Society and ourselves put pressure on us to be a certain way, and when we don’t fit that mould we aren’t seen as worthy enough, which is of course not true. I had never heard of the phrase self-compassion until a few days ago, so decided to do my own research and then extend what I have learnt to here on my blog.


Selfcompassion entails being warm and understanding toward ourselves when we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate, rather than ignoring our pain or flagellating ourselves with self-criticism.”

– self-compassion.org

So to put it into simpler terms, it’s being forgiving of yourself when something goes wrong. Maybe at no fault of your own, or maybe you messed up. Even still, it’s about forgiving yourself, and showing yourself the same compassion that you would to a loved one or a friend.



Be kinder to yourself, especially if you mess up or do something wrong. Remind yourself that you are human and you make mistakes, and thats okay. We all do it. Remind yourself how great you are, go easy on yourself, take time off! There are many ways we can show kindness to ourselves more.


We are often so hard on ourselves for messing up, and a lot of the time we put our own expectation on ourselves, that we must be perfect and not do anything wrong ever. Imagine if nobody ever messed up and did something wrong? How would we ever learn from our mistakes if we never made any? Be kinder to yourself today, and start your journey to self forgiveness.


I am such a self-love advocate and always will be. I think the world would be such a better place if people loved themselves more. A lot of our insecurities are because of the way we perceive ourselves, let’s work on that right now. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself 5 things you love about yourself. This can be based on your physical appearance or your personality/traits. Get into a habit of doing this and see how much your whole perspective changes.


Becoming mindful of your thoughts and feelings is so important in showing yourself compassion. Have you recognised you are running out of energy? Maybe you need a break. Maybe you need to take time out. Listen to your body and recognise the signs that you need to change something. We can practice mindfulness in various ways by checking in with ourselves, relaxing, meditating, doing the things we enjoy to relax and unwind. Show yourself love and compassion by becoming mindful of what you allow in your life.

How do you practice self compassion? Is there anything you could add to this list? Have you heard of self-compassion before?

Todays blog showcase is Self Masteries 

Self Masteries is a friendly website where you will learn a lot of things. Zaynah shares all the very best concepts, tools and resources that have helped her on her journey, which will help you on yours too! Click the links or the image to visit her site.


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17 thoughts on “4 Ways To Practice Self-Compassion

  1. Love this post, Olivia! I also think that the world would be so much better if people knew how to love themselves more. And also if they are able to manifest it to others too. I practice self-compassion by being mindful, and by practicing being kind to myself too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this post! xo

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