How The Ordinary Skincare Transformed My Skin

We all struggle from time to time with getting zits, spots or blemishes and I want to assure you getting them is 100% normal. Theres so much pressure on us in todays society to have perfect hair, skin, teeth nails etc. But in reality thats just not possible. Many people no matter what age or gender suffer from bad skin.

As a teen my skin was okay, it was when I started using makeup and wearing foundation that I started to get blemishes. And then of course after puberty it was hormone that caused a-lot of my spots. Last year I discovered The Ordinary skincare, I remember a friend at work told me about the wonders it did for her skin. I remember hearing that and thinking “I wonder if it will work for me?”. Its really inexpensive compared to other skincare brands so decided to give it a try. Today I’ll be sharing the results that I’ve had so far from using the products!

Since being in lockdown this year I have mad some significant changes to my skincare routine and makeup routine in fact. I wear far less makeup, and have worn foundation maybe once this year, and to give a comparison I was wearing foundation every single day before. So the results I have had are a mixture of a-lot of different things I’ve been doing, not just using these products.


This is my before and after or should I say so far! Left is before I started using The Ordinary and right is after using it along with other methods I mentioned. It’s crazy to see the difference it’s made to my skin, I’m so glad I have these images for comparison so I can see how far my skin has come.

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ALPHA ARBUTIN 2% + HA – Helps to fade the red marks left behind by breakouts​, Best for pigmented and scarred skin​. (£7)

ASCORBIC ACID 8% + ALPHA ARBUTIN 2% – Best for fading pigmentation and scarring​, Ascorbic acid is derived from vitamin C , helps to brighten skin, fade pigmentation, shield skin from the impact of pollution, and keep skin looking younger​. (£10)


I use both of the above products I mentioned but I alternate between using them. So one day I’ll use the Alpha Arbutin and then the next day I’ll use the Ascorbic Acid. I use at least one of them every night in the shower or bath. As I mentioned previously I have done other things too to help with my skin like wearing less makeup, drinking more water etc.


The Ordinary sell their products worldwide and in a huge variety of places. I know Ulta sells it along with Beauty Bay too. I got my products from Beauty Bay, they have a really helpful website page that describes all the different Ordinary products they sell and what they do. You can find that here.

Have you used The Ordinary products before? What skincare do you use?

Please feel free to ask any skincare related questions below, or send me a message.

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21 thoughts on “How The Ordinary Skincare Transformed My Skin

  1. “Theres so much pressure on us in todays society to have perfect hair, skin, teeth nails etc. But in reality thats just not possible. Many people no matter what age or gender suffer from bad skin.” This is a very sad story!! I could not agree more with those words!

  2. I wish The Ordinary was easily available in India, I’ve been dying to get my hands on their niacinamide serum! I’ve heard a lot of hype about that as well as their AHA+BHA chemical exfoliant! Good to know that their products work. What is the time gap between the before and after photos?

    1. Do you have to order it from overseas? Hopefully they can start selling it there!

      Yes me too! I havent managed to get hold of it either, its always sold out.

      The gap is probably around 2/3 months. Not 100% sure on the dates but its around about that long 😊

      1. Yup and then customs is a whole other issue! 🙄

        Sold out? Wow. I think that must be because they’re so reasonably priced for the kind of products they’re selling.

        That kind of an effect in 2-3 months is amazing!

      2. I know, I hate that too. Whenever I order from America you always have to pay extra for customs and sometimes it doesnt even get to you.

        I know! Thats how amazing they are!

  3. What a difference in your skin! I’ve heard such great things about The Ordinary but I’ve never tried anything from them. My skin is TERRIBLE at the moment so maybe it’s time I invest!

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