The Importance of Self-care For Parents

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This is Ishwarya S, author of the blog Mommy Me. I have a Master’s degree in Genetic Engineering and currently I am a stay-at-home parent. I have a three year old daughter, and she is the inspiration behind my blog. I write on parenting, education, health and nutrition etc.I love to connect and know the stories of  fellow bloggers with various interests. I love reading, cooking, organising things and travelling. 

Parents these days are facing more pressure than parents of any other generation. The reasons are innumerable but if they can spend some time for themselves and took care of their mind and body, the stress will fade away on its own.The post is mainly to discuss the importance of self-care for parents and some tips on how to pamper yourself so that you can enjoy some stress-free and smooth parenting.


Once the baby arrives, many new parents totally stop doing things for their happiness.  Their entire world revolves just around the new-born and they easily forget that they are individuals first before they were parents. Yes, babies need constant care and attention but giving yourself a thirty-minute self-care is not going to do any harm. 

As a new parent, one has to constantly make decisions for their little ones. Right from choosing your baby’s diaper brand to choosing an efficient paediatrician, it’s the parents’ responsibility. To make the perfect choices and, the parents have to be really confident and clear-headed all the time. Being stressed out may result in poor decision-making which will eventually affect their little one. 

When a new member arrives, parents must understand that everything is going to be different and they always have to be prepared to face challenges. Raising a little human being is definitely no easy job and parents, especially moms have to endure many struggles in the journey. It is absolutely essential for moms to keep their mental health in check as they will have no proper sleep and exercise in the first few days of delivering the baby.


  • Taking a warm bath with essential oils and candles, a short stroll in a park surrounded by green trees can rejuvenate your body and mind. This small self-care routine can instantly change your mood and you will be ready to face those parenting challenges that come your way. 
  • Parents can maintain a gratitude-journal where they can register all those happy moments and blessings they have in their life. Practising journaling can help them clear out the pressure they have been accumulating in their minds and thinking of only good things while writing will keep them positive. This can help them take better decisions too. 
  • By taking a break at least once or twice a week, moms are doing a huge favour not just for themselves but for the entire family. Meeting friends and having a hearty conversation, starting a new hobby or picking up an old passion may serve as stress-busters. Parents should have some couple time to strengthen the bond between the two. 

Parents must understand that self-care isn’t selfishness. Post-kids, their life is going to be so busy and first-time parents must educate and prepare themselves for this new chapter in their life. Establishing a proper and realistic routine for their family can make self-care easy.

Do you make sure to take time for self-care as a parent? If so, what things do you usually do?

Ishwarya S
 Mommy me 


24 thoughts on “The Importance of Self-care For Parents

  1. The key isn’t so much what style of self-care I do, just that I make a point of doing it as consistently as possible. When I go too many days without yoga or meditation, I notice a difference in my mood and stress/anxiety levels. I wish I would have started regularly taking care of myself sooner in my parenting journey. I didn’t really start making a point of doing it until 9 years and 3 kids into it. 😳

    1. I think its probably because its not spoken about and also you’re trying to get into your new role as a parent. Its great though that you make time for it now, I can imagine its really hard to balance everything!

      1. That’s true. Figuring out the new role as mom and all that comes with can take time. Also, I think most people don’t make changes unless it becomes obvious that something isn’t working. Unfortunately, chronic stress can go unnoticed for a while.

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