4 Effective Ways to Develop a Better State of Mind


As 2020 closes, I want to share a gift to all of you. This gift is to be remembered at all times especially when dealing with dilemmas beyond your control. Your state of mind is everything. Develop it. Protect it. Value it. It’s a small gift from me to you; a reminder as you reach your dreams in 2021!

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Your life is full of possibilities when you’re open to new chances. Before this year ends, take a risk and try it. Don’t mind what other people may think because it’s your decision that will matter. Who knows, that could be your calling and your breakthrough. If you still allow fear to stop you from growing, you will never be able to reach ultimate happiness. If you’re all too caught up with the struggle and not see the purpose behind it, then you will lose sight and eventually lose vision. Don’t waste your time listing all the things you fear. Whether they will support you or not (but in reality, they probably won’t), it does not depend on them for you to stop. Keep going because you’ve just begun. You have to keep going because this is something you’ve waited your whole life to try.


Start 2021 with a mind full of positivity and a brand new beginning. One way to achieve that peace is to permanently stay away from people who keep you from feeling that peace. Don’t wait for them to walk away, don’t wait for them to make another mistake. When all that person reminds you of your terrible past Then do your future self a favor and leave them. Sometimes they have to leave because they no longer have a reason or a use in your life. Their presence in your life is put there for a reason. Whether it is for your growth or for you to build your confidence in yourself. I understand you might feel scared because you don’t know what your life would be without them. But that’s because you’re so caught up with the minimum of life that you thought that’s all you deserve.

You’re too attached to feeling the same old negative emotions that 2020 brought that you feel strange when you don’t feel offended. If this happens to you, it goes to show you’ve experienced more pain than happiness and your heart is tired but the reason it’s still beating for them is because you have a good one. This means that once you leave those people who aren’t good for you, they are the one who lost somebody and not you. Clear your mind of insecurity so you can see and fight for the worth that’s locked out of yourself for so long. Well, you are wrong. You deserve so much more.


Among all, it is essential to fortify your roots to our Creator. It is important to harness your faith into something long-lasting and meaningful. And that is done by instilling into your mind the peace that you need. You need inner peace to silence the noises of distraction and doubt that surround you. You need fortitude to shield yourself from the evil that comes in many forms; earning your trust and eventually leading you astray from where you’re headed. You can’t bring peace to you; you have to bring yourself to peace. This requires sacrifice to leave those who aren’t good for you. You have to put yourself in a place where you’re best suited to grow in ways you never thought you could.

Strengthen your relationship to the Lord by prayer and constant heed for His guidance in everyday struggle. To develop your mind, you need to be in peace with the Lord. That means getting to know who He is and acknowledging His presence among us and our plans. You need to trust Him that everything will work out according to what He has in store for you for the rest of 2020. Let it be known that He holds our future, but this doesn’t mean we do nothing. We are born here on this earth because we have a mission to do, and this mission must be done by us and no one else. Offer all your worries to Him because you’re not supposed to carry it all by yourself.


With the rise of the digital age, it is as easy as a swipe of a finger to get involved in unnecessary drama of other people. Even if you don’t know these people, social media has hostage you into believing you owe them your opinion. You owe them a small part of your time to sit down and make a statement out of a situation with no importance whatsoever. To develop and most of all, protect your state of mind, stay away from enablers and perpetrators of drama. Stay away from gossipers who love to pass on to you the businesses of others. If you feel the urge to comment, fight it and convince yourself it’s not worth it.

Instead of putting all your energy into disagreeing with people and getting mad at those who contradict you, put all that energy into becoming someone better in 2020 and beyond. Don’t give hate and spite the opportunity to derail your mind from self-improvement. The more you entertain these bad vibes, the more vulnerable and unprotected you are from it.

What have you learnt from 2020? What new ways of thinking will you be taking into 2021?



21 thoughts on “4 Effective Ways to Develop a Better State of Mind

  1. I always like reading posts about how others find happiness. Even though some of the ideas are different from my own I still always manage to find a good tip or a helpful reminder. I’ll be heading over to check out more from Monique now!

  2. In 2020, after a lot of struggle and inner turmoil, I have learned to not fight the waves. Certain situations are out of our control and as much as we would like to, there is no changing them. Like a wave, we have to accept them and ride them out. Feeling not in control can get unbearable, but it does require less energy which in turn we can use on something else that might bring us and others joy. So keep riding that wave that is 2020. We will find calmer waters eventually 🌊

    1. I saw a picture once that showed waves, and the first one came and the person ran away. Then the second and they stood to enjoy the view and prepared for it. Then the third they decided to ride the wave. You can imagine which wave they were the happiest at! Such a good way to look at it!

  3. Nice one Monique! It’s so nice to see people openly talk about their faith and remind others of how important it is. Great tips all around~ im checking your blog out!

  4. A very motivational post given the year that we’ve had and a lot of great points to take from it. I think one thing I’ve learnt is that life is not entirely up to us and to find a place of peace and serenity in times where things don’t go our way. Excellent guest blog, will check out her platform for articles, bless you for sharing

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