Bedroom Transformation – Part 1

Hello, welcome back!

In today’s blog I’m going to talk through the major transformation my bedroom took on a few years ago and how you can transform your space into your own little haven.

For some background information, I live at home with my parents. Prior to me moving into the space it was my brothers bedroom, with dark grey walls and barely any space to move. I see my bedroom as my sanctuary and a place to escape. I think it’s so important that your living space feels comfortable, warm and inviting. In part 1 of this series i’m going to focus on the bed area, and in the second part I will focus on the desk/work space.

The black metal bed frame I chose is from dreams beds (all links are below), it only cost £99 with shipping which was a such a good deal at the time. It’s a sturdy metal bed with wooden slats and leaves room for plenty of storage space underneath.Thankfully for me i didn’t have to purchase a mattress as my brother left his behind when he moved out!

The duvet pictured above is from George – Asda. It was such a good price, only £10 for a double duvet size which is such an amazing price. I get most of my duvet sets from there as the quality is really good, and they’re reversible! Which is the bed version of “This dress has pockets!” The cushions are from various different places such as Ikea and Tesco. I love Ikea cushions, they are such great value for money and such nice quality. I also love them because they are HUGE, who doesn’t love a huge cushion? And yes they are 100% only for decoration and get dumped on the floor at night.

With the space I knew I really wanted it to be light and not too cluttered, which is why I decided to paint the walls white and keep the white, black and green theme throughout the room. I don’t know about anybody else but bright colours in my bedroom really cloud my mind, I need things light and airy as much as possible when I’m relaxing.

Now onto my favourite part, the small touches and decorations that make your space yours. The floor length black mirror is from Ikea and was £45. I really like using mirrors to open up spaces, they give the illusion of more space than there really is.

I love plants and greenery but I cannot keep a plant alive. I’ve tried and failed numerous times. So, I’m a plant mom to only artificial plants, and its better that way for me and for them :). When finding decor for my space I went to various places such as Ikea, TK Maxx, B&M and did a lot of online shopping. Sometimes you find decor gems when you least expect it. I’ll link a few favourite sites below.

Swipe below on the image and see the transformation!

Thanks so much for being here and the love I had on my previous post. It feels good to be back. Next week I will be posting part 2 of this series where I show you the desk space area and the changes and challenges I found with that space. I hope to see you then!


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