How to Create a Calm Space in Your Home

If you’re anything like me, the space I live in needs to be calming. I need my living area to be my sanctuary and my peace. If not it has such an impact on my mental health. So I thought I’d share some tips on how you can create a peaceful and calm space in your home.


Light colours like white, grey, light brown, stone, light green colours really help to give a room that calm vibe. Whenever I introduce bright colours or a lot of pattern into my bedroom I find it really distracts me. It’s too much stimulation for my brain, so I tend to steer clear of bright and patterned things.


Plants really calm me (real or artificial). They brighten a place up and really help to bring some life into any room. Heres a list of plants that are effective for reducing stress but you can of course use whatever plants you love!

  • Peace Lily
  • Aloe Vera
  • Spider Plant
  • English Ivy


I have 2 pieces of wall art in my bedroom, they are of plants (shocker). Including wall art in your space that have calming words or images of calming places really help too. My favourite place to get wall art is Desenio. They have such a wide variety of pieces you can choose from.

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Some people are blessed with homes that have big windows to let in lots of light and some of us don’t have much light at all. Create the calming atmosphere with dimmed lighting. Even adding a lamp into the room can make such a difference. I myself have a main light in my bedroom and a lamp. I tend to use the lamp post as I prefer the cosy feeling it gives.


For me when my space is messy or cluttered that usually means my mind is too. A clean space = a clean mind for me. It’s essential that things are put away and that spaces are clean and tidy. I also think its very therapeutic to throw away things you don’t need anymore. Another tip to help reduce anxiety or stress. Get rid of junk!

Do spaces effect your mood? What is your perfect idea of a calm space?

Olivia x


48 thoughts on “How to Create a Calm Space in Your Home

  1. PLANTS YES!! I’m actually really loving the succulent plants these days. 😄 Spaces and surroundings totally affects my mood, I get so anxious when there aren’t enough space on my table or my surrounding is a complete mess. Like, no I won’t work until it’s all tidy 😆

    1. I love succulents! However I always end up killing them somehow. So if you have any tips I would be very grateful haha!
      Me too, I cant sleep until things are put away and at least tidier than it was! Glad im not the only one 😁

  2. I rent a room, I would say it´s 20 by ten feet. I need to keep all the clothes (thank goodness for that too) very stacked up in certain places, just keep it tidy overall if not I can´t even walk in this room if things gets clutter. Very nice points you made.

  3. Great post, I 100% agree! I am definitely affected by my surroundings, I have to keep my home tidy and clear of clutter as it helps me to feel calm and happy, when it’s untidy it really has a negative impact on my mood, fortunately my husband is the same so we don’t have trouble maintaining it lol 😊

  4. Lovely post and yes, I like to keep my space clutter-free, light and airy. However, it’s upside down at the moment cos I’m having all the flooring replaced, and it’s driving me insane. I don’t even have one clutter-free room or space – even my bed is covered in boxes – aarrgghhh!

    1. Oh no! I feel for you. I hate when anything major like that is happening in my home. it really upsets the peace doesn’t it! Hopefully its over sooner than later!!

  5. I love having very neutral colours in my house too- mostly I like to stick with white. I think it just gives the house a very calming energy and I like how everything looks so bright with white walls.

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