4 Ways to Improve Communication in Your Relationships

We all struggle from time to time with communication in relationships, romantic or not. Communication is a key element to any relationship you have! Without it, what do you have? It’s so easy to say that communication is key in any relationship but not a lot of people are good at it. Sometimes I don’t think many people realise they are bad at it. Which is why I’m here with some tips on how you can improve that communication within your relationships.


It sounds like something small but asking open questions is really helpful. Now if you don’t know what an open question is, I am here to explain. An open question is one that doesn’t just require the person responding to say yes or no. A yes or no response answer is called a closed question. For example:

A closed question: Did you have a good day?
A open question: How was your day today?

Do you see what a difference it makes? It keeps the conversation open to more of a response from the other person! Thats just one small way to get to know the other person better, maybe they’ll tell you something they normally wouldn’t have.


Always remember to think of others in your conversations. Try to not talk about yourself as much. Ask how they are, ask them questions. Listen to hear, don’t listen to respond.
This is easier said than done but if you feel like the other person isn’t hearing you, you need to let them know. Be open and honest about how it’s making you feel.


Honesty is so important in any relationship. Be honest with people. If you feel forgotten, let them know. If you feel like communication is lacking, let them know. But remember to follow it up with actions. Theres no use in telling somebody that their lack in communication is bothering you without telling them how to fix it. You could work on that together! Some people don’t even realise as I said earlier, that their communication is lacking. So a gentle reminder is always good.


It’s so important that we make time to have conversations with people and be deliberate about it. How many times have you said “We should catch up!” and it’s never happened? SAME. Because it’s never been actioned. Set aside 10-15 minutes a day to call your friend or partner and just have an open and honest conversation. It’s important that we feel heard, so doing this will help a lot.

It can take some time to develop strong connections with people but when you do, like anything in this world they need to be maintained. Maintaining a good level of communication is so important in any relationship.

Are you good at communicating with your people? Or is it a struggle for you too? Tell us your thoughts!

52 thoughts on “4 Ways to Improve Communication in Your Relationships

    1. For sure! Its just about being more aware of your own actions and acknowledging that we don’t get it right every time! Its about being willing to learn.

    1. I agree! I try to be as honest as I can in my relationships. I think you have to be honest but in a loving way, there’s a difference in the way you deliver the message!

    1. We all have things we need to learn. I myself at times have a problem with learning this too. Life is a learning process! Thank you for reading! 💕

  1. This was such a great post everyone needs to hear this!! My boyfriend and I actually worked on these points and having open communication is really the key. Thanks so much for sharing this post ❤️

  2. I think some people need educating in communication and effective listening skills. As you said, we need to listen – actively listen. Stop thinking of how you’re going to answer, the other person might not need or want an answer. They just want to be heard.

    1. Yesss 👏🏼 so so true. Some things don’t need a reply, just a listening ear. Its so true. I hate it when you’re speaking with someone and you know they’re not listening, they’re just waiting for a time for them to pitch in. Thats not how conversations are meant to be had!

  3. I was terrible with communication earlier in my relationship. I tend to just keep my feelings and emotions to myself and it caused many arguments with my now husband. He kept telling me to just voice out what I really think/ feel because it’s hard for him to read my mind. As time went by, I became good at expressing my feelings. I just call it how I see it and our relationship improved so much! We still get into arguments sometimes but no longer to a point where I’m about to blow up because I’ve kept my emotions for so long. This is a great blog Olivia! Sometimes we all need a little reminder as to how important good and open communication is in keeping a healthy relationship!

    1. I think once our brains have been programmed to think one way, its hard for us to start doing things differently. But there are so many benefits to being more open and honest. I hardly have arguments in any of my friendships or relationships because I am so open (probably too open sometimes). I let people know how I feel and how it can be fixed, and I think its important to learn how to do that.Thank you for sharing!

      1. It’s so true. It was tough for me to be expressive in the beginning but I knew I had to change to better our relationship. I’m glad I did! 🙂

  4. Introverts struggle a lot while communicating. Lol. Can’t help it. But I do listen to people but sometimes when you feel like sharing something and you expect them to listen but in return they avoid. Btw loved your post. 🙌💕💕

    1. I know alot of people struggle with doing this for various reasons and i understand that. We all have our own ways of communicating. Some find it harder than others and thats okay 💕

  5. Being a good listener is a literal superpower because that is so important in a relationship, I’ve been trying to get better and better at it and it has helped A LOT! xx

    1. I agree!! You don’t come across a lot of people who are great listeners either! I think we could all do with being better listeners from time to time! x

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