What To Do When Blogging Starts To Feel Like a Chore

We have all been there before, when you have a lot of stuff going on but you know its your blog posting day. You have nothing prepared and so you know you need to put something together quickly. You do it, but don’t really want to. Blogging feels like a chore rather than a hobby or job. I get it, I’ve been there before. There are some things we can do to combat this feeling and thats what we’ll be discussing today! And I hope they can be of some help to you.


Remember why you started blogging, remember the reason why you decided to set up your blogging account and start sharing your thoughts with the world. Go back to that. Whenever I struggle for topic ideas or have zero motivation I go back to my old posts and gather inspiration from them. Heck use some of your old posts, I am all here for old post recycling.


Don’t force yourself to do something you don’t want to do. If you don’t want to write then don’t, don’t run the risk of getting writers block! I think things start to feel like a chore when a hobby turns into something more serious and loses its light heartedness. To me, blogging is supposed to be a fun, create outlet for me. As soon as it stops feeling like that to me then I stop and take time away.


I think there’s this misconception that blogging is just writing and posting and thats it. Only bloggers know the real work that goes on behind the scenes. The marketing, communicating, scheduling, creating I could go on and on. Spend some time doing admin tasks, take your mind off of the need to constantly write and do these things:

  1. Catch up with other blogs – There are so many other blogs you can read to help you to relax
  2. Check your emails – Get some emails replied to, I’m sure there are some in your inbox that need a reply!
  3. Re-design your blog – Play around with your blog, change it up and customise to your hearts desire
  4. Schedule posts – A very important task. Figure out your blog schedule for the week
  5. Browse free stock images to use on your blog – This always helps me seek inspiration for new posts, and I love looking through pretty photos!


I have said this countless times in blogging tip posts. But take time off often. You don’t have to constantly be going all the time. We are not made to be on all the time. Taking breaks little and often can help you to re-coup and gather your thoughts. It also helps you with focus and motivation.

So, let’s talk about what keeps you from feeling like blogging is a chore? What do you do to change your mindset? Share your thoughts with us!


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42 thoughts on “What To Do When Blogging Starts To Feel Like a Chore

  1. I don’t feel the need to create a post everyday or a post several days a week. My goal is about 3 posts a week, but sometimes life happens and I cannot.
    It is good to take breaks.
    It is good to have other interests and hobbies.

    1. Thats a great goal, and im sure it helps so much with blogging not feeling like a chore.
      You’re so right, other interests and hobbies are helpful, especially for us to keep our mind off of blogging!

  2. Excellent points Olivia.
    “Only write when you want to” , this is what i follow while writing my posts. I don’t plan a specific day for posting my new post on the blog. I think that releases the stress, pressure and compulsion to write.

    1. I’ve learnt that, if im not in the mood to write then I dont. And it works so well, it takes that pressure of yourself!
      So glad you enjoyed this post!

    1. It happens to the best of us, I think its important to remind yourself why you started and start doing the stuff that makes you motivated! I hope you can shift that feeling soon!

  3. Great post. Like anything in life though, there’ll always be the downsides to what you do, even the things you enjoy doing.

    Would like to add on to the great points you’ve made, that while you should always strive to do your best, there’ll be times when it’s not enough, and when that happens, you shouldn’t judge yourself and just try again the next day. It’s when we call ourselves lazy or boring that we start to feel like the things we love become a chore.

    Thanks for this post!

    1. Thanks for sharing that with us Stuart! You’re so right, we can’t do or be our best all the time. Things don’t always go the way we have it planned☺️

  4. Blogging is certainly more than it may seem to people on the outside! Love that you talked about post recycling. I have a few old posts that I really want to reshare once I edit them to be more sophisticated and relevant.

  5. Great post! What I do is that whenever I feel the urge to write or whenever a great idea pops up, I would try to write it immediately (a rough draft is enough) even if it’s not my writing schedule. With this, I get to write an article at a time that I want to so i’d have enough content saved to post for when I run out of ideas or don’t have any urge to write. I hope this helps as well! <3

  6. You’re spot on with all your tips! Another one that could be added, is to host other bloggers without doing a post swap. It gives you a break and it helps others in the process!

    1. I love that idea! It’s one of my favourite things to help other bloggers with exposure etc but it helps me out so much because that’s one less post I have to think about writing!

  7. Great read! 😊 When it feels like a chore, go back from the beginning and remember why you started doing this. Often times we get distracted on getting more traffic than actually doing it because it matters to us. 😄

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