How I Balance Blogging Around a Full Schedule

It can be so hard balancing the things that come with life, some things we choose to do and some things we have to do. When I restarted my blog this year I didn’t realise that it would be like a full time job and I already have a full time job. I know some fellow blogging friends of mine have families and kids they have to look after too, so I cant even image running a blog and having to juggle all of that.

I often get asked how I post so much and how I manage to balance everything to stay afloat. So this is why this post is here! I want to share what I personally do to keep onto of my blog whilst having a full time job and other commitments. It’s not easy, but I hope these tips can help to take some weight off of your shoulders.


This is one thing I have started doing recently and have noticed it works wonders for me. My own personal schedule consists of me writing majority of my posts a week in advance. So by Friday I have all of my posts scheduled for the next week. I achieve this by writing posts in bulk in the evenings and at weekends when I get a chance.

Whenever I think of a blog idea I always write it in my drafts too, and if I have extra info I want to write about on that post I add that in as-well. That way when it’s time to write I can go back to it and get writing straight away. Doing this really helps with my productivity and helps me to not get writers block or get frustrated that I’m not coming up with content ideas.


One thing I really love and utilise on my blog are guest posters. Im very thankful and fortunate that a-lot of the time people approach me to guest post on my blog. This helps so much because it means one or two days you don’t need to think of or write content. Its so helpful especially when you have a really busy week.

Having your blog open to guest posters really helps you to build that community behind you. Just be careful of people who want to guest post for the wrong intentions. I have had people approach me to guest post but in reality all they want to do is advertise their new business or product, when they know that I charge for advertisements. So just make sure their intentions are right first!

If you are interested in guest posting for this blog, please visit my Guest Post page.


The last thing you want is your hobby turning into a chore. A blogging schedule is really important to stay on top of your posts, it also tells you when its time to write and when it’s time to step away. Create the perfect blogging schedule for your own schedule and try to merge them into one.

As I mentioned earlier, I always bulk write my posts in advance and I do that with my Instagram posts too. I have my favourite mobile apps that help me to keep on top of my photo editing. One thing I really like about Instagram is that it allows you to write posts and save them as drafts, and thats what I tend to do for my Instagram posts. Then in the week when I need to post my Instagram content I don’t need to worry about writing up the posts before hand.


As I have already said, I plan my content in advance. I know people have planners and plan months in advance but I’m not quite there yet. I plan my posts a week in advance, which really suits me and my own time scales. I really think that planning in advance really saves you the trouble later on. I didn’t always do this, but have seen so much benefit in being more organised with my blog. Your future self will thank you for it!

How do you manage your blog around your schedule? What tips do you have that could share with us?

I always want to mention on posts like this that you need to remember to be kind to yourself too. Its really not the end of the world if you cant get a post out because something has come up or you simply don’t have time. I think as bloggers we put pressure on ourselves to post as much as possible and be as active as possible, but remember that the pressure you put on yourself is just that, your pressure.

Allow yourself to take time off to rest and relax and do nothing. Your readers will understand if you need a break.

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66 thoughts on “How I Balance Blogging Around a Full Schedule

    1. Thank you so much!
      I think it all depends on what kind of person you are. I seem to have the patience to sit there and write post after post, and some don’t! Its all about finding what works for you🤗

    1. Aw no you won’t! Everyone is different and we all do things differently and thats okay! What works for me, might not work for you and vice versa!😊

  1. This is very helpful information! When I first started getting my blog site together at the beginning of the year, I was writing a month’s worth of content at a time. When the pandemic really hit towards the middle of March and my entire family started staying home, I became so distracted and stopped doing that! I am slowly trying to get back into the routine of having at least a week or two of blog posts ready to go. I recently started doing the same for my instagram content and I do the same thing with creating and saving my posts as drafts until I’m ready to hit share. Thanks again for the great tips!

    1. I bet writing for a whole month was hard wasnt it? Props for you for doing that!

      A new normal for you now but I think doing a few weeks in advance still makes u feel so accomplished doesnt it!
      Thanks for sharing that😊

  2. I was just going to ask you how you managed to post everyday!! Those tips were cool- especially the one about planning in advance because I agree. The inspiration to write can strike hard sometimes and it’s just as well that we use it up then and there!
    Thank you💕💕

  3. I was just going to ask you how you managed to post everyday!! Those tips were cool- especially the one about planning in advance because I agree. The inspiration to write can strike hard sometimes and it’s just as well that we use it up then and there!
    Thank you💕😁

  4. These are great tips. I blog on top of a full-time job, part-time studies, and family responsibilities. Planning is essential. I plan my content about 6 weeks in advance. I usually try to have 2-3 weeks of content scheduled ahead of time so if things get crazy I have some breathing space.

    1. Wow! You really do have alot on your plate! How often do you post?

      I can just about keep up with 1 week in advance! And im currently writing posts for blogmas too!

      1. I usually post three times a week. I’m also doing blogmas this year. I have about half my posts drafted already. I start a new course in mid November so I need to get as much done as I can before then.

      1. Ha ha. I probably spend way too much time on my blog but it’s definitely therapeutic. That’s what happens when your kids grow up and leave you with too much time on your hands. LOL

  5. Wonderful tips especially the bulk post…for me managing work life. A toddler (husband goes to office he is in manufacturing sector)… household chores..and after that I get time for blog.. though I also try to write 2-3 post whenever I get time..but I think I need to go to bulk posting..if I check I will definitely have almost 30-40 posts pic (review, hobbies everything)

  6. It’s so true, I tend to get lost in writing, blog writing, working a hundred other things. I don’t know if I ever mentioned this but I really like your subtitles, your layout and the effort you put into your posts. And if I have well it’s still true. Thanks for posting.

  7. These are great tips! Just today, I had a pretty full-on day at work and then there’s mommy-ing. So was wondering how I can better balance blogging in the mix.
    Scheduling is a really good idea that I want to do more of.
    Thanks for sharing. You’re doing a great job balancing! ☺️

  8. Literally started doing the same three things recently
    Write in bulk
    Invite guests

    It’s been healthy for me 👌🏾
    I just struggle with responding to comments on time sometimes

  9. Really interesting tips. I thought the first one was extra cool, simply because I cannot do it. And you are right, blogging should not be a chore. I mean, it can be really fun when we allow ourselves to have fun, right? I can see how planning truly helps you manage your blog and I understand how that is super important when you have a lot on your plate every week.

    1. Thanks so much for reading!

      You’re so right, I think alot of writers and bloggers put pressure on themselves to stick a strict schedule and end up burning themselves out. I always try to remind myself and others that you are setting your own pace, nobody is making you put this pressure on yourself. And usually that helps to remind people!

  10. I aim for one or two blog posts per month (although last month I think I posted four…) Planning ahead is almost always a helpful strategy. Thanks for your suggestions/reminders/examples.

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