How to Find Pockets of Peace In Your Day

Recently I have become addicted to Tik Tok, I’m not proud of it but they say the first step of beating an addiction is admitting you have one. So here I am. Haha I’m totally kidding but I really do love watching Tik Tok videos. A few months ago I stumbled across a page where a woman called Nabela, who shares these amazingly put together videos showing pockets of peace in her day. Even if she doesn’t have a great day, she finds even the small positives and I thought it was such a great idea and such a great way to remember to be grateful and see the goodness in each day.

So today I thought I would share how you can find your pockets of peace in each day. Then I thought we could start a conversation and share with each other our pockets of peace. I’ll start by sharing mine and then you tell us yours in the comments!


So many bad and negative days can fill our weeks and months, but there is always something in your day that is good and positive. Did you wake up today? Did you get to eat breakfast? There are so many things that are small to us, but would be big things for others. We often take for granted the simple things we have access to everyday. Like water, food and somewhere to live. Putting things into perspective like that can really uplift your mood.

I really appreciate my simple life pleasures, being able to take a bath after a long day, seeing my dog greeting me in the morning. They are the good, and are what can make your day a great one.


Sometimes its only small things in your day that make a difference. You got out of bed this morning? Thats a small victory. You got out and exercised today? Thats a small victory. You got 5 minutes to yourself today? Thats a small victory. Do you see where I’m going with this? You can find pockets of peace even in the smallest things you do. It doesn’t need to be big but its still something thats significant in your day.


When Nabela does her Tik Toks, she talks about things that are happening in her life. Her dad was sick in hospital yet she found that there were so many things in her day that made her feel grateful. Its all about your perspective. Maybe at the end of each day say out loud or write down 5 things that happened which brought you joy.

I just want to say, I don’t know what it is you’re going through or how hard it is or what’s happened. Sometimes days cant be turned around and that is okay too. Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start.

Here are my pockets of peace:

  1. My 30 minute lunch break where I get to watch whatever I want on my phone
  2. The 10 minutes I give myself in bed before getting up each morning
  3. Taking 5 minutes of my day to do my daily devotional
  4. Turning on my oil diffuser each night whilst I settle in bed for the evening
  5. Cuddling with my dog after a long day

What are your pockets of peace in your day?

Olivia x



38 thoughts on “How to Find Pockets of Peace In Your Day

  1. Ooh I love this expression “pockets of peace”! For me, it’s two things.

    First, getting outside and walking every day. I’m even going to try to keep that up in winter this year.

    And, I have a nighttime routine where I write in my gratitude journal and then read a short, inspirational story from a book like Chicken Soup For The Soul or The Book of Awesome.

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  2. I love Nabela’s videos too. That just motivates us to find little happiness and peace in all the little things around us! Thankyou for sharing this and making people realize how they can be happy and peaceful with little things too!

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  3. Another great post, Olivia. Where would we be without the little things? Without a doubt my pockets of peace are:

    • that cup of tea in the morning before starting my day;
    • picking up the guitar and playing a song or two;
    • watching a kdrama 😊
    • enjoying lunch each day without interruption;
    • yes, tomorrow will be better.

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  4. I love the term “pockets of peace!” My daily pockets of peace are when Tilly (our cat) lays in my lap, listening to music while doing chores, eating dessert after dinner, scratching things off my to do list, and smelling the laundry fresh out of the dryer 😊

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  5. This is a goodie 😊 we don’t need fireworks and a red carpet to be grateful that’s for sure! I love that you value even 10 minutes in bed because that speaks heaps about your character. I think right now my toddler’s hugs are the world to me 💖

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  6. My pockets of peace…. hmm
    I guess singing in the shower, watching the ceiling in my room every evening, prayer time with family, and oh eating “fufu with palm nut soup chicken and periwinkle”( it’s a local dish😊)
    Loved yours too, Oli💚

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  7. I love the phrase “pockets of peace”. This is going to be my go-to blog whenever I am feeling overwhelmed. My pockets of peace-
    1. when I wake up in the morning, I walk out to my porch and sit there for ten to fifteen minutes, drinking water and starting my day right.
    2. Lunch- yeah I can watch whatever I want.
    3. reading and writing in my diary at night!

    Thank you, Olivia for this post 🌻

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