How To Choose The Best Decor To Compliment Your Home


It’s a known fact from the people who know me, that I love everything interior design. Im constantly looking at interiors on Pinterest and have far too many boards with design ideas. I have spoken before on this blog about how the way you design your home can have a real effect on your mental health, and I think what you choose to decorate your space with is as equally important. Today were looking at how to choose the best decor to compliment your home! Lets get started..


Sometimes all it takes is that one key piece for everything else to fall in place. A key piece could be anything from a wall print to a coffee table. Get something that you can revolve your space around. Maybe its a sofa you love, use it and the design your space around the colour palette or the shape of it. You need that one item that your eyes are naturally drawn to when you walk into a room. Trust me, it will make a difference!

For me it takes me getting that one key piece for me then to be able to build everything else around it. I take inspiration from that one item and its like something clicks and I can then start to build what the rest of the space will look like. Thats why it’s important to have those key pieces, they can really help to kick start ideas!


Prints are so important to have in your space, they bring such life to a room. It’s important too that the prints are high quality, you don’t want a print that will tear easily or that will start to look creased and old in a few years. Make the investment into a good brand who you know do high quality prints.

Photowall are a Swedish company who create and print the most amazing Wall murals, wallpapers, prints and canvases. Their print quality is like no other I have ever had before. Pictured above is their ‘Twins’ Poster which came with an easy to read instruction booklet and all the tools I needed to put together the hanger.

Photowall have kindly sent me a discount code for my readers. Use code ‘olivialucieblake25’ to receive 25% off your order.


I am a crazy plant lady, so this section should not come as a surprise. Plants are a staple for me in my home. Finding a great plant is like winning the lottery. Remember to keep in mind the kind of aesthetic you want, do you want tropical plants, do you want plants that hang, do you want a small plant or large? Remember these are the things you need to consider before buying. Plants can help brighten up a space, same with flowers. So consider making an investment into some great plans. And I say investment because some plants can be so expensive!

Also consider where this plant will live, remember some plants need natural light and water. Pick according to the space you have!


If you take anything from this post then take away this reminder to figure out your colour scheme before you do anything. Sometimes colour schemes come together in the buying process, but always have an idea in mind. This will help so much in choosing what decor to buy. It also helps you to not lose track and buy something that wont fit in with all of your other decor. Look on Pinterest for colour scheme ideas and put together a mood board.

How do you choose to decorate your space? Do you have any key pieces in your home? Let us know your thoughts below.

Hopefully from this post you can walk away knowing something new about decorating your space! I hope you enjoyed, see you in the next one!

Olivia x

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22 thoughts on “How To Choose The Best Decor To Compliment Your Home

  1. Great post! I totally agree that color scheme is so important for interior decorating. Personally, I really love using art prints and some unique items to create a well-collected feeling


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