10 Self-care Tips To Add To Your Routine


Hi. My name is Chaitrali from Glittery Thoughts. I am a Lifestyle & Travel Blogger. I like to share my thoughts and knowledge on topics which surround our life. I am delighted to collaborate with Olivia. We both have common liking to write on relationships and health. We are sharing 5 tips of self-care on each blog. Please jump to my blog to read Olivia’s post. 


When was the last time you took out time for yourself? If your reply is in the past week or two days before, then dear reader you are missing a great joy caring for yourself every day.

We often prioritise the things which are “Tasks” to do and put “Activities” for self-kindness at last on the checklist. Bring those self-caring activities at top while balancing your work.

Self-Care nourishes mental health and wellness. It brings positivity in your actions. If you take out time for yourself then people will not take you for granted and will respect your time.  Some people feel low on self-esteem, happiness, it’s because they are not valuing themselves.

I am sharing 5 Self-care tips which will not be difficult to add in your routine.  These are some self-pampering things I like to do in routine. You will like it too.


Recently I watched a Turkey Web series which was actually a TV show called Erkenci Kus. I loved watching the show daily for 1/2 hour. Watching Web series is the best stressbuster. We get into another imaginary world for some time which lets us forget about the rest of the things.

If you are short of time and loaded with office work or housework, you can still steal half an hour in a day to watch your favourite web series or movie. There is always an option to pause and continue later.


The way you wear represents you. Keep your wardrobe updated according to seasons. Wear those clothes which you find most comfortable, which are your signature dresses.

Revisiting your wardrobe may surprise you by discovering new clothes or old yet trendy jackets.

I like to keep my wardrobe arranged properly with ironed dresses. When it’s untidy, that day is for exploration. 🙂


Pampering yourself is also self-care. Looking back at your successful moments will boost your confidence and energy level. It will remind you of your qualities and passion.

It may be scrolling through Sports Certificate, Best Employee Award or Kuddos. You will love to go through success stories. Feelings of demotivation and resentment will go away. I always look at achievements, testimonials I earned. Isn’t it the best way to pamper yourself?


In the hustle and bustle of routine, you might be keeping hobbies aside. Kick start your hobby by purchasing required things related to the hobby. Selecting the required material, shopping into different shops is fascinating. You will get triggered to try hands on hobbies.

Bringing required stationary/ utensils/ material is not enough if you don’t spare “time” for self-care.

Home Gardening and Painting are some of my hobbies. I stick to spending time gardening and painting in my routine. Bringing gardening tools, paint brushes and colours is so much exhilarating experience. I feel motivated and happy doing it. Start cultivating your hobbies.


Don’t let your daily chores of action affect the sleep time. Many people often tend to keep dragging sleep till 12 am or more than that. Research says that if we sleep before 11 pm then the body clock works properly. Our blood sugar level is maintained and improves the immune system.  If we take 8 hrs or more sleep then there are less chances to catch cold than those who sleep for 6-7 hrs.

Creating a sleepy environment to fall asleep helps to relax the mind and muscles. Keep your work aside, forget about the next day’s schedule and get good sleep.

Closing thought on self-care

Give time to your body and mind, it will be nourished in a beautiful way.


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