My Thoughts on Blogging

I’ve been wanting to write some sort of blogging post like this for a while but never felt I knew enough to give any advice on the matter. Then I realised, I probably wont ever get to a point where I feel like I know enough knowledge to share it. So thought I would share the advice I have now, in hopes it might help new (or old) bloggers out there.

Please know, I am no means and expert at blogging. I mess up and make mistakes just like everyone else. I probably don’t do a lot of things right with my blogs, but were all learning. I just want to share the little knowledge I have.


When I first restarted my blog in July 2020 after taking 4 years off, I had no idea where I wanted to take this blog. I knew I wanted to share things to help and encourage others but had no idea how or what to do. If you want to grow your blog then take it seriously. And by this I mean, be careful what you do or say and what advice you give. Your words and actions have impacts on others, remember that. Im not saying this to scare you, but with putting anything out on the internet you are really setting it free, because it’s almost impossible to get it back once it’s out there.


I was naive when I first started blogging and didn’t realise that there are many rules and regulations that come with posting content online. Make sure you do your research. If a brand reaches out to you to post sponsored content, look up the rules and regulations for ads and partnerships with brands. Make sure that the stock images you use are copyright free and that there wont be any implications against you if you use them. Be careful not to share a lot of your personal information on your blogs, I think it’s important to keep some level of privacy as a blogger.


I think when anybody does anything with passion it shows. Passion is what drives people to want to do things and get things done. Without passion behind something you tend to not have a great attitude about it or any motivation. I really found my passion for blogging back this year, and it has helped in so many other aspects of my life. Write about things you are passionate about and love. Sometimes it feels like such an honour to write share about my experiences and passions with the world.


You are human and you make mistakes. I make mistakes daily with my blog and its okay. We are all learning. In the blogging community I have found it is such a great place to be. Remember there are so many other writers and bloggers behind you cheering you on, even when you make a mistake. I think it’s important to mention here that you should always own up to your mistakes but also, you should forgive yourself for them too. Learn from the mistakes and use them to help you grow and learn.

Do you have any blogging advice that you can share with us? Have you learnt from blogging mistakes and used them to help you grow?

Thanks so much for reading and the continued support.

Olivia x


106 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Blogging

  1. It’s scary to think that what you post could make or break someone else. I agree with you that it’s such an honour to share our experiences and opinions, but it does really come with responsibility. I hadn’t actually thought about the implications of using the pictures that I didn’t take on my own – thanks for the heads up!

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    1. It really is, it can have such an impact on others. Thats why disclaimers are always important!
      There are alot of free stock images you can use, like on Unsplash. You are free to use those images to your hearts content ☺️

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  2. My limited blogging advice would be,
    * be your authentic self
    * Don’t be afraid to start small or afraid to evolve.
    * Follow your passion to your personal goal
    * accept friendly advice with a grain of salt
    * remember this is as much for you as you hope to be for others

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  3. I started to take my blog much more seriously this year. Not everyday you want to write but I have learned to give myself the “creative freedom” to feel all sorts of emotions while I write (if that makes sense😂)

    Love everything about your blog Olivia —always very inspiring✨✨💕💕 xxx

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  4. Those are lot true points, Oli.

    Sometimes we write some posts and then we delete them or refuse to post them thinking it’s not that relatable. But surprisingly we all experience similar situations regardless of wherever we are in the world. So we ought to just post without too much overthinking. My advice💚

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    1. Oh i have done that so many times. I have posts i wrote 3 years ago which I havent posted because of the lack of confidence. Hopefully this wont last and we can all feel confident to post whatever and whenever we like ☺️

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    1. When i first started blogging i thought it was okay to take inspiration from other bloggers and came to a realisation that it isnt. And now i understand why, bloggers put so much time and effort into posts and i can imagine its upsetting seeing their work copied. Its for sure a lesson learnt but one i needed ☺️

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  5. Agree with all of these! I think doing it with passion is something I can particularly relate to. Blogging is not something that should ever be a chore, and there is a risk that if it becomes like a chore that will come through in your blog posts. If you write with passion then it will come through in your blog posts 🙂

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  6. Great post! I loved that you mentioned that you should be careful because there are a lot of scammers out there. The advice I would give is to make the most of it- try to interact with others, enjoy the milestones etc.

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  7. I wouldn’t have even thought about some of the points you have raised. I just see my blog as somewhere I can be me and the whole me. Maybe I’m giving too much away at the moment and could reign it in a bit. Thanks for sharing it’s got me thinking!

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  8. Even though I’ve blogged for a year, I still do think there’s so much to learn! There are many things to consider when posting any type of online content and I’ve learned that it’s not always easy to abide and stay within the guidelines. Thank you for this post – gives bloggers a lot to think about! 💛

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  9. Such great points! I too try to take my blog seriously. This is why I try to post positive content that won’t cause problems in the comment section. I want it to be a place to escape. I think being private on here is great too. I’ve even been thinking of showing less of my face and my life on IG and on here because I want my words to be the important part. I like to have my blog be a place of mystery of who I am. I made the mistake of opening saying where I’m from and stuff. Nothing has happened. But I made the decision to step back and show less of myself.

    – B 😊🌿💕

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    1. I love your positive content!
      I think you should post whatever it is that you feel comfortable posting! 😊 I try to keep personal things away from my blog, just for safety and having that level of privacy too!

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  10. I am very new to all this, first and foremost I am trying to just write whatever comes out of me. Then I brush it day after day even after I post it. Because I have not much idea what’s suitable for blogging and what’s not. Whether my contents connect with the reader or not. I don’t know a lot and this scares me a lot before and after posting.

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  11. Great helpful advice for bloggers and we all need it. It is important to try to make a good presentation. I do not monetise my blog and may never be approached for sponsorship. Even though I am posting content for free, I weigh the cost and benefits in terms of engagement and exposure. Happy blogging to you. ❤️💚🧡

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    1. So glad you enjoyed this post! We are all on our own individual journeys and thats what makes blogging so special. What I want to do with my blog may not align with someone else’s wants and desires, and I love that.

      Happy blogging to you too!

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  12. “Do it with a passion” I love this! I remember a friend asking on her instagram what would you do with your live is money wasn’t issue and I replied, travel and blog about it. She liked that I would still blog. Blogging and writing are my passion, I love it!

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  13. Blogging can be frustrating especially when you as a blogger isn’t reaching the goals/ expectation of your blog
    I’m in that situation right now. Sometimes I compare myself but that’s bad I know it could lead to breakdown. But as you said passion is the key to a successful blog and Hey nice post I sure learnt something tonight

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    1. Its so easy to compare yourself to others, or even put too much pressure on yourself. I used to be the same, and I still am sometimes. I guess your mentality needs to change and realise that things take time, and yes you may not be hitting your goals right away but you will. Hard work and determination will lead to results 🙂

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  14. Hi Olivia, I’ve been blogging since 2006 as I was volunteering as a photo blogger for Singapore (where I am born and raised in). It was one of the largest photoblogging community, and I was very fortunate to have met many great professionals, experts and intellectuals from Paris, USA, Tokyo, Shanghai, New Zealand, Budapest. I started from scratch to learn how to blog and consistency is key as our commitment is to blog one photo of our city each day! DailyPhoto blogging grew from 30+ cities to more than a thousands over the years. I moved and the city/destination theme became harder to follow but til this day, I am still blogging!

    I still think being consistent is important advice. The other is original content (from photos, videos to writing). So staying to your real authentic self will engage your readers better because we are touched by this genuineness. At the same time, we must be careful of our own privacy (personal data). Thank you so much for sharing your advice in this post too, they’re great in my opinion! And it was really nice to have chanced upon your blog!


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