Advice For Starting a New Job During Covid

I’ve been working from home now since the 17th March this year. Thats almost 7 months of my home being work, and work being at my home. It was a weird transition at first but one I have come to appreciate. I get an extra 2 hours in bed, I don’t have to do a commute, finishing work doesn’t involve a train journey home. There are so many benefits, but with anything there are downsides too. The lack of social interaction with colleagues, not having a break between home life and work life, feeling like I must be available 24/7. But please know I am so grateful. Grateful that I have been able to work all throughout this pandemic, and that my job is secure.

Starting a new job can be stressful enough, but add in a pandemic and it can mean a lot of stress for the new starter. I have recently started a new role within my company and even though I’m already familiar with the business, it can still be challenging to understand and get a feel for your new role and new team dynamic if you’re still working from home. So I thought why not share some of the tips and things I’ve been doing to get settled into a new team. If you are starting your new job whilst working from home, these tips should be beneficial to you!


You don’t know how great video calls can be when its your only chance to see the face of your colleagues. Video calls are so much more personable than just speaking to a computer screen or a phone. Me and my previous team have done quizzes, shared funny videos and utilised the video call option to help keep our bond and social interaction going. It can help so much seeing smiling faces of people you know looking back at you.

This is such a great thing to use when you are joining a new team and company too. It puts a face to the voice & name and it helps the rest of the team to get to know you too. I know it’s through a computer screen which is weird in itself, but being able to see peoples smiles and body language really makes such a difference and is a lot more personable.


Starting a new job can be really nerve racking and then adding on doing it from home and having to learn everything virtually can make it so much harder. It will be hard for the first few weeks, but once you have that routine in place it will start to feel so much easier. If you’re a worrier or an anxious person then focus on the good and have a goal in mind. Take it day by day.

Its really important to build those connections quite early with your new work colleagues, so maybe set time aside with them to have a chat to get to know them better. Having someone to go to if you need something (besides your manager) can really settle nerves.


If you’re starting in a completely new business then there is a lot to learn. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, thats what people are there for. Remember to ask key questions such as work times and break times, how to access systems so you can see your pay packets – those types of things. If you don’t understand something don’t try to just figure it out, ask for advice or help. Once you are established in a business then you cant more of your own initiative, but when you are new you want to make sure you’re doing things the way the company wants you to.


When I first started in my business I had a mentor for the first 3 months and it was so helpful. Just to have that person I could go to if I had a little question I didn’t want to bother my manager about. It really helped in building connections too, I’m now really good friends with my mentor outside of work. Having a friendly face that you can trust and tell any concerns to is really beneficial and something I would ask your manager about if they haven’t arranged one for you already. Or even better, seek yourself a mentor. Ask a colleague if they would want to help and support you in your first few months and see how it goes!

Have you started a new job whilst we have been facing this pandemic? Is there any advice or experiences you could share with us?

I hope this post is helpful to those started or just starting a new position. Were in scary times and it can be a daunting thought to be starting a new job and having to worry about the pandemic going on around us. You got this, and I’m rooting for you!

Olivia x
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20 thoughts on “Advice For Starting a New Job During Covid

  1. Great advice! I definitely agree that the video calls are a plus when starting a new job at home during the pandemic or for anyone working from home. My husband and his team have a video call every morning. It’s like they haven’t completely lost touch since they’ve been working from home most of the year.

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  2. This post resonated deep, as I’m sure it does for many people! I feel the same way, I enjoy the extra sleep, saving money on commutes, feeling safer but equally I do miss the chats with colleagues. Home working is intense, with little breaks. I can’t even use the toilet without someone calling whilst I’m gone! 😊

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  3. This was some really great advice! I was furloughed near the beginning of lockdown so I didn’t get a lot of time working from home. A few months later I was then sadly made redundant and have been looking for a new job ever since in a very difficult job market. Chances are when I eventually get a new job it will be a lot of working from home still and I’m feeling very nervous about that, so this post was very helpful!

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    1. Sending you lots of love and positive vibes. I know its been a struggle for alot of people, which is why i’m so grateful that Im still employed. I hope you find a job soon! You can do it ☺️

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