How to Stop Living For The Weekend and Start Living For Everyday

I have to admit that I once was that person that lived for the weekend. I felt stuck in a job that I hated and when Friday came around its like I became a new woman. This feeling slowly went away as Sunday crept in as I knew the doom and gloom awaiting me at work on Monday. It can be really hard to get out of this mind-set, believe me I know. But once you do its the best feeling in the world.

Today I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks on how you can stop living for weekends and start living for everyday instead!


If you tell yourself that your week is going to be rubbish then it probably will be. Our minds are so powerful and can have such an impact on our days, weeks and months. It can be hard finding a better perspective, especially when you feel hopeless and like there’s no way out. What I would say is surround yourself with good people who can help you find that new perspective. So many times I’ve been in a bad place and dreading the working week, but my friends and family have been there to lift me up and help me to feel better.


Do the hard thing first and get it out of the way. That way the rest of the week is free and you have a chance to focus on the good for the rest of the week. This cant always be done as your deadline could be at the end of the week, but if you have control over when you get things done, then do it. I do this a lot of the time, because then it saves me stressing about it all week until the day. It allows me to enjoy the time I have Monday-Friday.


I love doing this! It doesn’t even need to be something crazy, it could just be a trip to see your friend or a walk around a park. Just having a goal and something to focus on mid-week can really help to keep you going. Who says that all the fun is to be had on the weekend?


A lot of the times why we can’t wait for the weekend is because we are burnt out, and the weekend is the only chance some of us get to have a rest. If you can, try to take rests mid-week. This rest can be anything from a 30 minute bubble bath or an hour spent reading a book. It could even just be a gentle reminder to yourself to take a lunch break, because I know it can be easy to forget to take those.

Give yourself that time to re-coup and gather your thoughts again. Remember that it’s okay to do nothing sometimes. Doing this will hopefully prevent you from being so burnt out by Friday!

Do you live for the weekend? How do you keep yourself going day by day? Do you have any tips you can share with us? 🙂

I hope this post was helpful and gave some tips that you could use to turn your week around. Not every week will be great, and thats okay. Its just how life is, but with these tips we could turn a week around and make I better!

Olivia x
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13 thoughts on “How to Stop Living For The Weekend and Start Living For Everyday

  1. This is a great post! I was deeeefinitely guilty of this – moving to part time work really helped though. It wasn’t by choice due to COVID (ugh) but once I re-budgeted and kind of worked past the stress, I started being able to appreciate the free time more xx

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    1. Isn’t it crazy how from such an awful thing like a pandemic so much goodness has come from it too? Its really about perspective. So glad a change in circumstance helped you!


  2. This is such a great topic, Olivia. You are spot on when you talk about the power of the mind. Giving yourself permission to take time out and enjoy other things during the week is so powerful. I am just as guilty with this one, but when I do see the light – I’m like “why didn’t I think of this sooner?”

    One of the most powerful things I ever read a long time ago now, was how technology has seen us cram into two days or less what used to take our grand parents all week to do. This in itself is a key reason why people burn out. So, we all need to be better at taking those breaks and time out s and then the weekends will begin to take care of themselves (noting that I finally got to my cup of tea mid morning and took time to digest your post)

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    1. It’s actually quite concerning when you think about how much technology has a rule over our lives. We are expected to be ready and available 24/7 because we have the little device in our hands that makes us contactable all the time.
      I think its a form of self-care to take time away from the normal hustle and bustle of our lives. So glad you had some time to yourself to read my post. Always thought provoking comments from you Sean, thanks for sharing and supporting as always!

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  3. Absolutely love this post! Firstly, I love the topic. Too many people I know treat Monday to Friday as a 100% slog and feel they only have the weekend to do fun things. That is not true, in fact because a lot of us are working from home it gives us more time to do fun things after work. Thats what I found at least

    Also love your points. Especially about planning fun stuff mid – week. We don’t have to wait until the weekend to do the fun things. For example, nowadays I zoom call people on weekdays as well, which I enjoy as it means I don’t always have to arrange zoom calls with friends on weekends, as sometimes there might be other stuff that I want to do on weekends.

    Thanks for sharing!!

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