Lets Learn About Essential Oils

This year I’ve really been trying to live a cleaner life. Now by that I mean trying to stay away from modern medicine and being more aware of the things I put on my body and the things I eat too. Thankfully this is easier now as there are so many different products and alternative things we can use to make ourselves feel better. Today we will be discussing essential oils and I’ll be sharing the benefits I’ve been noticing in my life since making the switch.

Before we get started I just want to give a disclaimer. The experiences I share with you in this post are just that, my experiences. A product that has worked for me might not work for you, and I always say this but we need to remember that we are all different. I am in no way, shape or form advising you ditch your medications and switch to essential oils. Please do your own research and only do what you feel comfortable doing.

Now thats out of the way, onto the learning!


“Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that retain the natural smell and flavour, or “essence,” of their source.”

– Heathline.com

To put it plain and simple, essential oils are oils that have been extracted from plants. The prices of essential oils differ and its down to the quality of the ingredients in them. If they are more expensive, it means they have used a better quality plant. Thats not to say the cheaper versions are bad for you(again, do your own research). I have various different essential oils some more expensive and some less, and I use and love them both the same.


Essential oils are very versatile in the fact that they can be used in many ways. The most common way is to diffuse them. For this you’ll need an essential oil diffuser, which will create a mist with the essential oil scent. It’s a great alternative to candles. You can also use some essential oils on your skin. You do need to be careful with this method as some oils need diluting with a carrier oil before applying directly to your body, so always check that.


I’ve been making the change over to essential oils gradually, so its been quite a slow process. Just a little background on myself, I’m not much of a medicine taker. The only time I really take medicine is when it’s the time of the month and I get stomach cramps, and thats about it. So its quite easy for me to make the switch as I don’t really rely on meds in day to day life.

I decided to buy a starter kit from a company called Young living. And doing this was so helpful for me as it included all of the staple oils that you need to start your oily journey. I tend to diffuse in the day and before bed and do various different oil blends. At night I diffuse lavender (helps with sleep) and lemon (can help with your mood and feelings of exhaustion). In the day I do whatever I feel like so maybe eucalyptus or orange.

I have recently started experimenting in creating body rubs for aches and pains. When you purchase a starter kit from Young Living they provide you with a booklet that explains what all of the oils do and whether they need to be diluted etc. So to create a body rub, I used peppermint and lavender and used some carrier oil which I chose to be coconut oil. I looked up online the essential oil to carrier oil ratio and it helped me figure out how much I needed to dilute it by and did just that. I’ve been using the lavender rub on my back and neck as I was getting aches and pains from being on my computer all day for work. it worked a treat.


There are so many different companies out there that sell essential oils. You can get essential oils from anywhere, even amazon sells them. Just do your research at what company you want to buy from and remember what I said about the quality of the oils. Just because its cheaper doesn’t always mean its better. I’ll leave a few links here for you, I have only used Young Living oils so you will need to look into the other brands to see if you like them or not! Check them out:

Young Living
Plant Therapy
Rocky Mountain Oils

Have you ever used essential oils? What do you use them for? How have they helped you?

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23 thoughts on “Lets Learn About Essential Oils

  1. I started with Young Living many years ago. Then I experimented with other brands, only buying the blends I loved most from Young Living.
    I have the Essential Oils Desk Reference 3rd Edition by D. Gary Young and Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart. Both do an excellent job (like an encyclopedia of the oils), and why we must get our oils from the most reputable and pure sources (due to solvents used, etc.) when the oils are distilled. I just had to look up something yesterday in these books when I misquoted something about Frankincense on a Facebook Live video.
    There really is a vast amount of information to be learned about the oils.
    I took a class from DoTerra, and love how they promote education. And I have experienced deep healing from Raindrop Therapy from a massage therapist using a combination of oils (brands you named). If someone wants to save money on these, consider the ways you will use the oils. Scenting a room or cleaning? Less expensive brands will work. Putting on your body or ingesting, only use therapeutic / food grade oils.
    Much love! ❤️🦋🌀

    1. Thank you so much for sharing that useful information!
      I think with anything we should always do our own research and see what effects things will have on us!
      You shared some great info there 🤗☺️

  2. I have heard brilliant things about young living and their essential oils! I’m an oil lover myself but only have a few blends- one is lavender and it’s formulated specifically for restful sleep and the other is lemon + bergamot from target. I do have an essential oil roller which I received in a giveaway online and it is my absolute favourite! Immediately instills a sense of peace in me. It’s the love roller from Natural Wellness Studio.

    1. I need to get me a roller! I think its worth a try using them as an alternative and if they don’t work then they don’t work! At least you tried 🙂

    1. I’ve heard that they arent safe to consume, not sure how true that is. Young living have a range that you can apparently put in food and drinks but i dont know how safe it is!

  3. I just joined Young Living and am excited about the options. I love my Plant Therapy and Eden’s Garden oils too. This journey offers so many options. It’s nice to find someone else to talk and share with!

  4. I have trouble clearing my head, especially before bed, so I have a vetiver essential oil that makes me feel calm. The scent is quite strong and earthy, so it kind of snaps me back into the present.

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