Social Media Breaks & Why We Need Them

Social media breaks are something that should be utilised more than they currently are. Do you ever get the feeling like you just want to delete all of your socials and run away from your phone? Me too! We should do everything in moderation, but phone consumption is at an all time high. You rarely meet someone who doesn’t have a phone. Technology and social media can be a blessing and a curse. I have spoken before on my blog at how social media – specifically Instagram can play such a huge part in helping to grow your online presence but at what cost? Remember there is a fine line, everything in moderation.

We probably miss out on so much of our lives because our heads are buried in our phones. Thats such a sad thought. I’m so glad that I wasn’t brought up around all of this technology and that I was able to have such a great childhood without having to be entertained with an electronic device. Social media breaks are something that should be done on a more regular basis, just to keep us sane. We spend so much time on our phones that we often forget to live life not through a screen. In todays post I hope to share some thoughts on social media breaks and why I think we need them.


It’s so easy to get caught up in online life. Hours and hours can pass us by whilst scrolling through our favourite apps and we don’t even realise. I am preaching to myself here because I do this aswell and I hate it sometimes. Taking time away from your phone and social media can help you to live in the present. You don’t want to get older and come to a point and realise you spent most of your time online when you could have been having precious family time.

There is no time like the present – as they say, and it’s so true. You cant ever go back and re-do this day you are currently living in, it wont ever come around again, and thats a scary thought isn’t it? I tell myself this when I’m having a bad day, and it helps me to turn it around!


Taking time away from anything and doing nothing is always going to be good. Social media breaks should be done on a regular basis in my opinion. Everything in moderation! I think we over consume social media and thats why we have become so reliant on it. This might be difficult if your job is online and through your phone or computer, but even then you can set yourself a schedule and give yourself time limits of how long you are going to spend scrolling or getting stuff done for work.

I know alot of people who take days off social media each week and have heard how it’s helped them so much.


Comparison is the thief of joy, and it really is. Both men and women do this constantly online and its comparing yourself to others you see on social media. Please remember that social media feeds or timelines are just highlight reels of peoples lives. It’s not all sunshine and roses for them either.

I can understand why people don’t tend to put the bad stuff online because who wants so share that? But it can be so damaging for people to just see the good stuff. Nobody has a perfect life and thats a fact, but I again understand how it’s easy to fall into the trap of seeing everybody’s perfect bodies and lives online and wondering why your life isn’t like that. Do not compare yourself to a photo you see on the internet, they for sure did not wake up that morning and roll out of bed looking perfect, nobody does.


I have found over the recent years that social media is full of so much negativity. Sometimes it can be bad news after bad news. Many a time I’ve logged into social media and had to log straight back out because it was clouding my mind too much. Taking a break from social media can help you to filter out the bad stuff. I’m not saying here that you should ignore it, because we should always educate ourselves on what’s going on in the world, but we need to remember to protect out mental health too.

Its perfectly fine to take time away from social media to gain some more positivity in your life.

Are you a social media addict? How do you make time away from your phone and social media?

Olivia x 
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76 thoughts on “Social Media Breaks & Why We Need Them

  1. An interesting blog topic, Olivia. You echo my thoughts, however, it doesn’t end at social media unfortunately. The biggest issue for me is the fact that we have become indoctrinated into using technology and lost sight of the natural alternatives. I’m 64 years old and can remember the days of less, immediate, contact. We can’t avoid the way that technology is leading us and there are obviously many benefits to it. However, the bit that scares me is that we are creating societies that no longer see that they have the control. “Put the phone down….there’s nothing so important that you have to be holding the phone where you’re in the loo!” It seems to me that many of i]us are becoming sheepish, without being able to make a decision without consulting some random app. What’s the weather like, for example? Our app breaks it down to the hour. Do we really need to know. Maybe we could go outside and take our chances. “Ooh, the wind got up a bit”. How nice for that to be a surprise, as opposed to, “They said it was going to be windy….but it isn’t”. Does it matter? Anyway, rant / observation over. The only way to change is for us to make a start as individuals, turn off ‘notification’ sounds, leave the phone in a drawer for a few hours (I’d say a few days, but that would probably create a nervous breakdown- that’s what can happen with addictions). We all have to make these decisions as individuals and then try to roll it out to others.

    1. Thank you for sharing that Graham. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said there. Its become too important in our lives now and it sad.
      I really love what you said about the weather, in the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t matter. I have several app notifications turned off, WordPress being one of them. It helps me to stop being reminded to check my blog and keep up with comments. I remind myself they’ll be there, there’s no rush to respond. Hence why its taken approx 8 hours for me to reply.
      Thanks for the great reminder, we can all learn alot from your wise words!

  2. I am also so glad that I grew up in a time before social media. I do worry about future generations who won’t know a life without it.
    I have friends who disable it during the week and then use it at weekends which is a really good idea

  3. Who hasn’t been left in awe by the innovation of technology and in turn, wished that they hadn’t been introduced to it, in the first place? It’s an unfortunate circumstance to have to acknowledge and indeed to then acknowledge that it’s omnipotent presence cannot now be redacted, as we would wish for some inappropriate text to be obliterated. It has undoubtedly improved the way in which we are able today to not only remain in touch with one another but as crucially, that in staying abreast of those topics which otherwise occupy our interests, that the instantaneous appearance of data filling a screen, empowers and gives sustenance to the whims of fantasy, when you might tell yourself that I did that, that’s mine. Of course it’s only a toxic relationship when reaching an impasse and that the necessity to “Agree” to the terms and conditions before our acceptance on a platform, would serve to remind us all. That it’s their way or the highway. Thus our inclusivity comes at a price. What cost or emphasis we ourselves then place on our sanity, starts and ends with a click on a keyboard when knowing that anyone can then come in.

    1. Such wise words there Martin. As you said, it’s an unfortunate circumstance, we cant just get rid of it now because so many rely on it for many things. I just hope we can all find that healthy balance between it all!

  4. Everything in moderation as you have said is absolutely 100% right. I sometimes even forget to pray in the morning just because I rather go for my phone to check what’s going on social media. And that’s very dangerous to my spiritual life. So, I have resolved to be disciplined.

  5. I set my Facebook timer to 1 hour a day. It took me a few days, but that awareness helped me reduce my time on it, to even less than one hour! 😉
    Hubby even wrote a fun song on this topic:
    Making love by the light of your smartphone!

  6. Social media will have you thinking life isn’t great if you don’t have what the next person has. Comparing is so dangerous. It spreads rhetoric that says life is only good if it’s this way. Life is beautiful when you’re alive. Material things aren’t what makes life worth living.

    I went on a 1month break and I’m glad to be back stronger, and refreshed.

    Missed reading your post Olivia.❤

  7. Great points surrounding social media usage. For me, I don’t have my phone notifications on so that I’m not lured into the apps until I want to be there. I also try and avoid logging into my social accounts until I’ve eaten and taken care of myself in the morning. And I avoid using it before bedtime and it’s totally off limits on Sundays. In the past, I’ve done 30 day detoxing from Facebook due to finding myself flustered and addicted and those breaks were always beneficial and resulted in returning to it with a different perspective. Breaks are vital!

    1. I have done the same for certain apps too and I have found that it really helps to not get that reminder that I got a message or a like on a post.
      I really want to take a break too, but I know it will be so hard. Its like re-starting and learning how to walk again!

      1. I totally understand. The first few days are the hardest, but afterwards, you adapt and those impulses to see what’s happening go away. If you’ve never done a break, I’d recommend one day per week to start. Then, try a one week break and see how that goes. When I take my breaks, I remove the app from my phone. Just be sure that you have a plan for something else you can do in place of whatever platform you’re detoxing from. I usually spend more time writing and reading my kindle and other bloggers when I’m off social. Good luck! 😃

  8. I love that you posted this! I try to have a social media break every weekend or at least cut down on social media on the weekends. I notice how much more stress-free I become when I do this!

  9. Social media should be used in moderation and should never come before personal relationships. Some people use the media to share their hatred but others share their love. I enjoy social media and don’t feel controlled by it. I take natural breaks in everything I do. If u are allowing social media to bring u down or control u, then switch channels or just turn it off. And we have always had phones, my flip phone is all I need. I use my laptop for social media which isn’t attached to me like phones are for some people. Thanks for sharing and reading one of my posts recently.

    1. Thats such a great idea to only have social media on a computer, It can relieve so much temptation to constantly check it on your phone! Thanks for sharing that 😊

    1. It really is an addiction too isn’t it? I hope you break gives you a new perspective and helps with whatever it is you are trying to achieve from it!

  10. I’ve always found the online social circles I’m in to be spaces of positivity and open conversation. Definitely a more positive experience than most people have. I know my opinion doesn’t necessarily reflect what goes on outside of my social communities but I’m glad of this nonetheless. One habit of mine is that I don’t scroll a lot or spend much time on instagram aside from chatting with friends or posting! Ten minutes a day scrolling usually, if that. It helps incredibly with mental health and I don’t experience the toxicity of being surrounded by simulated perfection all the time!

    1. You are so lucky to have found that! Its not very common to hear that your social media circles are all good, others are less fortunate!

      Setting a time limit is something I think we should all do, im always shocked at the time I spend on my phone and im grateful my phone breaks it down and lets me know how long I’ve been on it on average. It really helps me to reduce my intake!

      1. Yes! I find it quite crazy too. It’s good that apple has introduced helpful features such as the timer though. Without it, I’d be whiling away so much time unnecessarily. I do spend a couple of hours on skype however so I’m always conscious of that counting towards my total! I don’t really consider that phone time as such.

  11. Excellent. Something that needed to be said. Dr. Stephen Covey said that most of us are raised with a comparison-based identity. Social media creates an environment in our head that is driven by outside/in images and dialog, reflective our someone else’s beliefs and values. Breaks allow us to go within and re-think what we see and hear from an inside/out frame of reference with our differing values and beliefs. We choose what we believe based on principles for good. I appreciate your expanded awareness.

  12. So true about comparison!! I found when I stopped looking at my IG all the time my mental health was SO MUCH better!!

  13. You are so right about social media breaks —we all need them.

    The other day I was saying for self perseverance I need those breaks.

    Now, I feel social media revolves around filtering out all the negativity of ones life. It can be both good and bad. In my opinion, more bad because all we are getting is the more sun kissed the picture is the better.

    I really enjoyed reading this Olivia🤗🧡 xx

    1. You’re so right, social media is quick to show the wins but slow to show the fails, and I think we need more!
      Thanks for sharing that and I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

  14. I agree we should take a break from social media. I find myself too focused on the number of views and likes I get. Those numbers don’t define me and I need to know that. I just use social media for fun and that is that. I don’t need lots of likes to justify that for me. Great writing! 🙂

    1. You really should remind yourself that, even if one person reads your stuff its amazing! Numbers are just numbers! You’re doing a great job! X

  15. I’ve been recently trying to limit my social media consumption. Your points rang true for me. Dopamine detox is something that we can opt to do especially in today’s overstimulated world.

  16. I used to sleep with my phone. I would panic if I didn’t have my phone near me at all times. I’m glad that I finally learned to disconnect and focus more about the world around me! It helps my anxiety, for sure.

  17. I definitely agree with all of this! I have recently started to take not just social media breaks, but phone breaks. It’s almost like an electronic detox and that is really sad. It’s still a bad habit for me when I wake up, but I don’t let it take away from my day nor do I let it control my life (anymore).

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