4 Things Bloggers Need To Stop Worrying About

It’s a natural thing to worry about things that you care about. My mom always told me that nerves and worry were always a good thing, because it means you care. But there is a fine line between worrying and over worrying/becoming obsessive. As a blogger there are many things that run through our minds at all times. Will they read my content, will I get comments and follows, will people like me? Those are just some of the questions I have asked myself in the past. I understand its hard to not think about those things, you are putting your work out there! It can be scary because its the unknown.

Today I thought I’d outline four things that we as bloggers need to care less about. In hopes this helps a struggling blogger out there who is finding themselves worrying about their blog alot. We have all been there, and some of us might be right there with you now.


I thought I’d start off with the most common thing bloggers worry about and thats stats. I can’t write this and say that I have never been obsessed or found myself worrying over my stats. We have almost been programmed to think that to be successful we must have thousands of followers and alot of views. But thats not the case! Your work will speak for itself and people will see you for who you are, not how many views you get. Quality not quantity.

It took me a while to not be obsessed about how many views, likes and follows I got on my blog. It’s easy to fall into the trap of being stressed that nobody is liking what you post, but remember that likes and follows are not a representation of you as a person and they do not define you. The bloggers you see with thousands of followers on their blogs or Instagram accounts, have worked hard to gain that following, it can take years and years to grow your community. It didn’t happen overnight, be patient.


Previously I have spoken about blogging and schedules and how important I think they are in order to grow and establish yourself as a blogger, and I still think that is true. But there is a flip side, if you’re stressing yourself out and finding it difficult to stick to your schedule then change it. If there is a day where you are finding it hard to post because you have too much going on, then skip a day. It can be really hard to balance your blogging around an already full schedule. Don’t worry about skipping a day, you aren’t letting anybody down.

We put this pressure on ourselves, and we need to remember that we are the only ones that are in charge of how often or little we post. I have had so many conversations with fellow blogger friends who are so worried about not posting, but in reality its okay to not post if you don’t want to or you physically don’t have the time.


With anything relating to the internet there will be negativity. I remember when I received my first negative comment, I deleted it and moved on. You know who you are as a person, more than a random stranger online and thats what I will remind myself if it happens again. Lucky for us, the blogging world seems to be a more positive place than other corners of the internet. I don’t know about you, but I am thankful for that.

If you find you cant just brush it off, just don’t dwell on it for a long time. Acknowledge it and move on from it. Think about all of the positive comments you get from others and focus on those. Doing this will help you to shift your mindset to a more positive one.


Comparing yourself to other bloggers is a really tough thing to not do. You start to question yourself and your own abilities and wonder why you aren’t growing as fast as they are or why you might not be as ‘popular’. Remember we are all on our own blogging journeys, don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You are not them, they are not you.

Also try to not worry about other bloggers in the sense of competition. I personally haven’t ever felt this in the blogging community but I’m sure there are people out there who have this mentality. As I have already said, you are on your own journey. We are a community of people who share the love of blogging, there is no competition between us we are on the same team.

What do you worry about as a blogger? How have you overcome some of those feelings of worry?

Remember why you started your blog and remind yourself of that when you find yourself worrying about trivial things. Remember your purpose and why you are doing what you’re doing. You are doing great!

Olivia x
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72 thoughts on “4 Things Bloggers Need To Stop Worrying About

  1. Some excellent points made here and ones that I worry about as well from time to time! I really liked when you said that bloggers “are on the same team” which when you think about it is so true! We never compete against people on the same team as us and generally I have found is that people are happy for me when my blog does well and vise versa and that is always more satisfying!

    I also agree with the point about keeping to a schedule. At the end of the day, I find that no one notices anyway if you miss a day and you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you do. Furthermore, you should also find a schedule that works for you and not copy someone else’s schedule. I generally post once a week as that is what works for me

    1. You’re so right, I remember us having a conversation about this before. You don’t owe an explanation if you don’t post either, it’s really nobodies business or not important. You are technically your own ‘boss’ when it comes to blogging so you are in control and set the rules. Which I really enjoy.

    1. I think its natural and alot of bloggers do! A schedule is really important to keep on-top of things, and it sets specific times for writing and posting too. Which is good to get the right balance between blogging and real life!

  2. Yes scheduling, I think with all that has been going on. I have not been able to stick to my schedule. But understand the reasons why. So not to hard on myself. And slightly not in the blogging mindframe right now, but it will come back

    1. I think its great that you have acknowledged that you aren’t in the right mainframe. You probably did need a blogging break to relax and refresh. Sometimes it’s needed. I hope you come back filled with energy and positivity! We’ll be here for you when you do.

  3. Writing is about talent with confidence attached. I write about different things and values. I know no blogger can please everybody, and I write because it’s my gift from God to write and I let the chips fall where they may. Of course I have followersaand I follwer them as well, I receive many compliments on my comments, sometimes I get lots and trons of responses in reference to my posts and other times not, and all that is good, but regardless to all of that I keep writing; because I am here to practice my craft and horne my writing skills and publish my manuscripts into books,bring the readers content and eventually make millions from my books. My writing goals are to bring human beings happiness, help solve problems, and make a positive difference!!!

    1. “I let the chips fall where they may” – really like what you said here. Sometimes thats what happens with me, I start writing and see where it takes me. I really enjoy your content and think you are a great writer. Were so lucky that you share your work with us!

      Making a positive difference is really important too I think. Its important we spread positivity and love on the internet.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful post. I also have found the world of blogging to be a positive place on the internet. There is real community here. The world around us is so negative, it is great to have a positive place to hang out everyday.

  5. You could not have said it any better.

    I have found myself more than once worrying about all the things you mentioned above but I like to think it’s important to know why you started blogging at first place and do what you can. We are on our own journey.

    Rather than competing, I get inspired by “popular” boogers and try to follow the same determination and hard work to grow my own page. Xx

  6. Hey Olivia – this is such a great post! You’ve definitely touched on very important points. I’ve been blogging for two years now and it’s only now that I’ve stopped applying too much pressure in myself by seeing what other bloggers are doing, and stats too. I’m glad that I’m now embracing the reason why I started my blog all along♥️ I’ve been loving your page and I can’t wait to read more posts soon. Take care lovely! Elda x

    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by!

      I think alot of us at the beginning really stress about the small stuff and as we advance as bloggers we just grow thick skin and learn to accept some things. Going back to your roots and remembering why you started is really important too!

  7. Good points. If I start to worry about any of this stuff, I remind myself that my blog is a hobby and not something to stress over. If I stopped posting tomorrow, life would go on.

  8. Thank you for this! This articulated most of my blogging woes, which took a while to overcome. Like you say, our work will eventually speak for itself– the burden I think we bear is the belief that it is up to us to get noticed. These days being one’s own advocate is ever important, which makes it easy to blame ourselves for a lack of audience or followers. But I find the real joy not from the numbers of interactions but the quality and depth of the connections that I’ve formed with my readers. Thank you for these reminders!

  9. Thank you so very much for this! I usually worry about not my content not being as good enough as others expect them to be. I’ve trashed so many posts over the months😂
    I absolutely agree with how we’re all on our own journeys. It applies to spheres outside of blogging as well. Inspiring as always!💕

  10. Nice post Olivia. I’ve learnt not to compare myself to other bloggers and that our journey is different. I’ve also learned not to fret about my stats, follows, likes and comment.

  11. “Lucky for us, the blogging world seems to be a more positive place than other corners of the internet. I don’t know about you, but I am thankful for that.” Indeed. I honestly don’t know why people take pleasure in being rude to each other online.

  12. My main issue is I have the content..I even have the pics and rough draft..currently I have around 34 drafts which I need to edit modify and schedule. But managing time is very difficult..I am a working professional (wfh) with a toddler (no house helps) husband has to go office. Plus I do moonlighting too for one of my work related Instagram page. I sometimes feel I have done this to myself where time management becomes extremely important. But at the end whatever makes you happy..if I am fine …it’s alright

    1. It can be really tough to balance everything. I hope you find that balance eventually! It can be hard but im sure as you get going you’ll find it.

  13. THANK YOU! I’m so glad somebody said this because I felt like I was the only blogger out there that really didn’t concern herself with stats or a schedule. I blog purely for my own self care and sometimes when I don’t feel like I posting according to when I usually post, I just don’t. I loved what you said about “you being the only one that notices/cares when you don’t post” and it’s so true. We are always just battling our own expectations.

    1. We really are! Thats reality, nobody will ever know if u dont post and probably wont question it! I think less pressure means blogging remains the same. Fun!

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  15. Very pertinent points mentioned…and yes even I feel the blogging community is far more kind and generous than other social media platforms…I hope all new bloggers read your post to get some ideas.

  16. I currently worrying about schedule nowadays, as I have been inactive and not publishing posts yet. I’ll try to stick to your advices, so thank you for these! 🤗❤️

  17. Hey Olivia. I loved reading your blogs, especially when it provides tips for other bloggers. I do worry about a lot of the things you mentioned as well. But i was wondering, how to go about having guest bloggers on my site?

    1. You can start advertising on your blog that you want some guest posters. Maybe include it in an upcoming post? And if you want to guest post for other people then reach out to them. See if they have guest posters and if they do find their contact details 🙂

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