The Value of Doing The Things That Scare You

If you’re anything like me then I run away from fear and the things that make me scared, and I think thats quite common. Very rarely do I face my fears and push through my comfort zone. Maybe because I am scared I wont be able to do it, or I’ll change my mind at the last minute? Who knows why, but I know there is value in doing the things that scare me. So today I thought we could have a discussion and talk about why its important that we do these things and what we can benefit from it.


Doing the things that scare us can grow so much confidence within us, even if its a small thing that you have overcome. From doing that, confidence builds which makes you more likely to do other scary things too. It’s like a chain reaction! We can all do with feeling more confident once in a while can’t we? Just imagine how great you’ll feel after you’ve done it. You’ll feel like you have accomplished so much!


“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” 

― Roy T. Bennett

The above quote is so true. Real change does happen when you step out of what you feel comfortable doing. We stay doing what we feel comfortable in, from being scared of having those fearful thoughts. Embracing fear and those feelings that come with it is okay. I talk a lot on my blog about embracing feelings and emotions and fear is one of them. Embrace it and you might find that it’s the beginning of something new for you.


New experiences and new adventures can happen once we face our fears and do things that scare us. It could be the very thing that changes your life completely. You could find a new hobby, meet new people and visit new places. All because you decided to step out of your comfort zone and do something you wouldn’t normally do. Doesn’t that sound so exciting?


Growing and changing as a person whilst getting older is just the natural process we all go through. This point links in with the new experiences section I spoke about. Experiencing new things can help you grow and learn about all new things that the world has to offer, but it can also open up new parts of you that you didn’t know existed.

Are you often scared, or apprehensive of doing the things that scare you? Do you have any tips you use to push yourself in doing the scary things?

Just a few reasons as to how getting yourself out of that comfortable place can really help you grow as a person. I hope it makes you think about life and how you can get more out of it by stepping into the scary zones! Olivia x


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43 thoughts on “The Value of Doing The Things That Scare You

  1. Such a lovely and inspiring post. I think I have done a lot of things that scare me and all it did was helped becoming a better person now. In my opinion, I feel we should live our life to the fullest and we should try out new things that we are scared of and value it. 😊

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed. It’s great to hear that doing those scary things helped you. I am the same, they have helped me grow as a person and become who I am today. And all it took was a step out of my normal comfort zone! 😊

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  2. Getting out from the comfort zone is the thing every one should try.
    I too experience some fears sometimes when I start something really new. I keep calm and try to overcome my fears when I am doing something new.
    Great post Olivia 🙂

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    1. Yes, for sure. I think its normal to face fears when trying anything new, its the fear of the unknown. But its so exciting when it turns out to be something thats really good for you and your confidence!
      Thanks for reading Manisha 😊


  3. So on point! I love that quote “change starts at the end of your comfort zone”. I’m like you in being afraid to put myself out there, but it leads to a lot of “what if’s” “if only’s” and whatnot. Growing up I always thought I was a failure If I tried something and it didn’t work from the get go, but looking back I know it was just the occasional hurdle that led me to where I am now.

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  4. I love your posts, Livy seriously! So INSPRING and I need to agree with everything there, becasue when I did something like this, boi, it feels great after you’ve done it and gotten out of your comfort zone.

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  5. I really like the adrenaline rush I get from doing things that scare me! I totally agree with your post the more things you do that are outside your comfort zone the more you push the boundaries of your comfort zone!

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  6. This post is so true. Each time I stepped out of my comfort zone, it did lead to a significant outcome.

    I use a variety of techniques, but the most important one is to be as prepared as best you can. Another one is to accept how a situation is – once you do that you become at peace with yourself and then your brain begins to find ways to deal with the issue.


  7. Love this post!! Doing things like writing my blog and posting YouTube videos has boosted my confidence and has helped me to love the person that I am. These things make me feel I am helping people feel better about themselves too!

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