6 Ways to Overcome Writers Block

The most annoying thing that can happen to anybody who writes anything is writers block. We have all been there. Itching to post something new but having zero ideas. It’s the most frustrating thing isn’t it? You can kind of send yourself crazy forcing yourself to get out of it, but sometimes that can actually make it worse. I have some tips that im going to share with you today that will hopefully help in combatting the dreaded writers block!


This tip seems very obvious but its so necessary. The best way for me to overcome writers block is to take a step back and take some time off writing. It could be that your brain just doesn’t want to do anymore work. You’ve overloaded it with too much and it just needs a rest. So take the rest, de-stress yourself and come back when you feel relaxed and ready.


If you are a music lover like me then you know how beneficial music can be for many things. Add it to your self care list for the day – Take 5 minutes out and listen to some music. It’s such a great distraction when you get into a writing funk. Take some time off and put your favourite music on and let the thoughts and ideas flow.


Get rid of your phone, or remove the fluffy dog that takes your attention (I know its sad to do, but sometimes you have to) or even move yourself out of a distracting place. Whatever it is that takes your time and attention away from writing, get rid of it. Writers block is a great excuse to pick up your phone and have a 5 minute scroll through Instagram. Thats what writers block wants, it wants you distracted!


Take out some paper, create some diagrams with ideas you have and let your thoughts flow from there. Seeing things on paper can be such a great way to visualise what it is you want to write about. A lot of the time it’s not that you don’t want to write, you have ideas but you just don’t know how to execute them. Well a brainstorm can help so much with this, you might even come up with new ideas you didn’t think of before!


Theres nothing like some fresh air to re-set your brain. Even if its just a short walk around your neighbourhood, let what you see inspire you. Its so important to get outside from time to time in order for your brain to re-set and re-charge. Doing this will not only help to combat your writers block but it will make you happier too, and I feel like you need to be in a good mood to be able to really write your best.


Sometimes I pick my feature image for my blog posts first before I even know exactly what I’m going to write. I have found that doing this makes me even more excited about what I’ll be publishing. I’m the kind of person that loves the final outcome of something. I love planning how things will be positioned, what images and headings I will use before I even have the writing finished. So doing it sort of backwards helps me get even more creative.

What do you do when you suffer from writers block? Share some of your tips below with us!

I hope this was helpful and could be of some help to those currently going through the dreaded writers block time! Olivia x


79 thoughts on “6 Ways to Overcome Writers Block

  1. Ive loved the point on taking a break and the other on taking a walk to help distress. I do the same, but I get most of my ideas when relaxed in nature and sometimes ideas from conversations or pods.

  2. Writers block is really hard to deal with. I tend to check what’s trending but sometimes that doesn’t help either. That’s when I know I shouldn’t write and to take time for myself instead. 😃

    1. Thats a great idea though and something I didn’t ever think of doing! That can give some really good inspiration I bet! Thanks for sharing 🤗

  3. Writer’s block for me is mostly fear…
    When I’m blocked I just write down where I stopped so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed when I return and I do something else.
    I read novels that inspire me and I have a small copybook where I’ve gathered my favorite quotes.💖😁

    1. I guess it is, fear that its not good enough or wont be good enough. Very good point.
      I love that idea! Writing things down and visualising them really helps me. Thanks for sharing that 💛

  4. This may sound off but I get a lot of writing ideas when I’m in the shower. Lots of ideas come and I don’t know if I’m the only one. So I usually take a long shower when I’m facing writer’s block. I also get some ideas when I’m chatting online with my friends. It just happens like magic
    Thanks for sharing your points💚

    1. I haven’t ever thought about it before! But I guess it makes sense, you get some time of calm and thinking time!
      Thank you for sharing yours 🤗

  5. For me distractions, and not being able to stay focused for long.
    I do proper listen to music every now and again
    And try to write do ideas once they come to me before I forget

  6. Sometimes it simply is a matter of “Butt in chair, hands on keyboard” or BICHOK. What you do is: 1) set a timer. 2) don’t stop writing until the time expires. I learned this from Howard Taylor a host of the Writing Excuses podcast. It’s a pretty awesome podcast. All the hosts and guests are published authors.

  7. “You might not write well everyday, but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page” -JP

    This quote always helped through my numerous writers block!

    Great post Olivia xxx

  8. I love to take a break, I mean a babe needs to rest. Study the word, listen to songs and voila. I’m back! Very helpful post, thank you♥️

  9. Olivia, another timely and helpful reminder! I find it depends on what I am working on. if its a report of some description and I have hit the wall, I will take time out, or brainstorm. You are quite right, this is more to do with being overloaded than anything else. Sometimes, after such self reflection, I will scrap the report and start again – and it always amazes me how I end up with a much better result.

    As far as writing posts go, I will look for pictures for inspiration, or what others are writing and start to build a list of topics. I know I am getting to the point where I need to categorise my posts better than what I have.

    One final thing I do is look for software or other products/apps that might inspire me to present my writing in a different way. I have just found one that does everything it says it does. So, it will allow me to present information in a different, and more interesting (eyecatching?), light.

    1. Thank you for sharing your tips with us Sean. 😊
      Inspiration is all around us, we just need to have our minds and eyes open wide enough to see it!
      Pictures really help me think of inspiration too, there’s something about them that spark ideas!

      Thank you so much for reading!

  10. Currently going through a block myself, not for lack of ideas but because I just haven’t been settled enough mentally to get it done so I decided to just take a break. It’s working out so far. Very helpful post.

    1. Oh i’m sorry you’re going through that. I hope your break continues to help! I took one over the weekend and came back so much more refreshed!

  11. I recently did a similar post & created a groovy info-graphic that I’m proud of. 💛. I missed about removing distractions but that’s a good tip. I had, jump ahead to a part you’re excited to write, and I had, Revisit your plot, and Write anything (no inner editor).

  12. Who are we to say who is a writer and who is not a writer? A writer sits down and writes, therefore anyone who does just that is a writer ☺️
    Sorry you didn’t find this advice helpful, but i’m sure it will be to others.
    Thanks for stopping by!

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