5 Steps to Self-Love

Self love is a topic I’ve wanted to dive into for a while now, as I am on the self love journey myself. So it thought it would be a good idea to share the steps I’m taking myself to learn how to love myself more. It’s not a quick change that can happen to learn to love yourself, there are many layers you have to peel back to find the deep root in order to pull it out. I hope the tips I share today can help with that!


We are all human, we all make mistakes from time to time. Its what you do with that mistakes that makes the difference. You can either repeatedly do them or you can learn from what you did and make sure you put things into place to ensure you don’t do it again. 
Im an advocate for how you treat others is how you should treat yourself, and by that I mean if you are quick to forgive other people then why aren’t you quick to forgive yourself when you make mistakes? Be kind to yourself and cut yourself some slack. Imagine if none of us did anything wrong ever? We’d never change and grow as individuals would we?


A big thing here is learning to let go of the things others may say about you. A lot of the time, its our own insecurities than fuel these thoughts. 

What if they don’t like me?” – Maybe its because you haven’t learnt to like yourself
What if they think im not good enough?” – Maybe you think that because you don’t think you are good enough

Do you see where I’m going with this? A lot of the time the opinions we think others have of us, are usually just the opinions we have of ourselves. Lets learn to get out of that habit. Lets realise that the only opinion that matters is yours. We need to learn to love ourselves more often, and I’ll say it again. Be kinder to ourselves.


If spending the day on the couch and eating your body weight in popcorn makes you feel good, then do it. We put too much pressure on ourselves to be on all the time and to conform to societies standards. Do what makes you feel good. Self-care and self-love link in perfectly here. In order to show yourself love, you need to care for yourself. I don’t just mean your physical health, I mean your mental too.


You are here on this earth for a purpose. You are here for a reason. How amazing is that to think about? That there is a life plan for you that you will follow until your time on this earth is over. Every single soul on this earth is so important. Once you realise this, you will learn to understand how to value yourself, and to understand that you are loved.


Letting go of friendships or relationships can be such a huge step of self-love. Protecting myself from negative energies and negative people is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Its a very hard process sometimes but one that is essential in starting to learn what you deserve from other people. You deserve kindness, respect and love from others. And if they aren’t living up to that then they need to go. Its also important, as the people you surround yourself with can affect your life so much. If you are around negative people, then you will eventually turn into that type of person too. 

How do you practice self love? Do you have any tips you can share with us?

Olivia x


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73 thoughts on “5 Steps to Self-Love

  1. Love this post, Olivia!

    It makes me happy to see your positivity in my feed so often 🙂 and congrats on 1,031 readers, that’s incredible!!! Your message is so appreciated.

    I hope you are well! xoxo ♡

    1. Thank you so much Jenni, you are so kind.
      So glad that my posts could bring some light and positivity on your feed. Thats my aim!

      I hope you are well too💕

  2. This post really spoke to me! Particularly the part “if you are quick to forgive other people then why aren’t you quick to forgive yourself when you make mistakes? Be kind to yourself and cut yourself some slack.” I often feel like I am slower to forgive myself than other people. Thank you for this reminder 😀

    1. When I wrote that, I feel like I was speaking to myself. Because im the exact same. Im always of fast to let go of the mistakes others make, but when it comes to my own, they linger and I beat myself up about them. We all need to learn to be kinder to ourselves!

  3. For me it’s doing things I’ve been putting off, planning little solo dates and dressing up. It honestly never gets old. I loved this, beautifully written💞

    1. I hope that it can be of some help. The self-love journey is not easy and its not fast. It can take years and years. I hope you can grow the love you have for yourself, you can do it 👏🏼

  4. That’s an amazing post and very helpful!!! I’ve always struggled with self-love. It took me so much time to be at peace with myself and I still struggle some time to time!

    1. I think you never achieve 100% self love. Its such a process and through that process you can lose some and gain some love for yourself. Its never ending, but i think the hardest thing is starting!
      I struggle too, i’m sure we all do! 🤗

  5. Inspiring post, Olivia…the points you’ve mentioned can make a huge change in one’s life….we keep holding on to something, that’s actually hurting in reality as the mind is controlling….letting go takes the burden right away….it reconnects the love with one.

  6. Nicely written Olivia. According to this article, I am in much love with myself. I learn from my mistakes. I do things which give me happiness. I let go of the opinions which matter less to me. I know how important I am to my family, myself, and my dear friends. The last thing which I am unable to do is I do not let people go off my life who are not good to me, as I easily forgive them. It is pretty hard for me. I cherish people in my life good or bad so much.

    1. I’m so glad that you are doing and you feel you have all of those things! Its a hard process and one that can take a long time but you will get there ☺️

  7. Really great post! Self-love has never been easy for me and since I suffer from anxiety and depression I think it’s even tougher because there are days where my brain just chooses to focus on all the negatives. However, I think self-love is so vital and the tips you shared are really great. Cutting toxic people has been very helpful. I think yoga and meditation have also helped me a lot as they help me to focus on the positives instead of fixating on the negative things about myself and my life.

    1. Self-love is a hard journey sometimes and it can be a long and sometimes painful process. But its so necessary to do isn’t it?
      Its about finding what works for you!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Pooja!

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